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Dry kiln schedules for commercial woods : temperate and tropical Boone, R. Sidney; Kozlik, Charles J.; Bois, Paul J.; Wengert, Eugene M.


General Technical Reports

FPL design for lumber dry kiln using solar/wood energy in tropical latitudes Tschernitz, J. L.; Simpson, W. T.


General Technical Reports

Investment opportunity : the FPL low-cost solar dry kiln Harpole, George B.


General Technical Reports

Kiln drying lumber in the United States : a survey of volume, species, kiln capacity, equipment, and procedures, 1992-1993 Rice, Robert W.; Howe, Jeffrey L.; Boone, R. Sidney; Tschernitz, John L.


General Technical Reports

Evaluating a Small Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) Designed Solar Kiln in Southwestern New Mexico - Part 1 Bergman, Richard D., PhD.; Bilek, Ted E.M.


General Technical Reports

Use of wood energy for lumber drying and community heating in southeast Alaska Nicholls, David L.; Zerbe, John I.; Bergman, Richard D.; Crimp, Peter M.


General Technical Reports

Drying hardwood lumber Denig, Joseph.; Wengert, Eugene M.; Simpson, William T.


General Technical Reports

Relative drying times of 650 tropical woods : estimation by green moisture content, specific gravity, and green weight density Simpson, William T.; Sagoe, John A.


General Technical Reports

Wood Handbook, Chapter 13: Drying and Control of Moisture Content Bergman, Richard


General Technical Reports

A computer program for analysis of fuelwood harvesting costs Harpole, George B.; Rensi, Giuseppe


General Technical Reports

Heat-Treatment Options and Heating Times for Ash Firewood Xiping Wang; Richard Bergman; William T. Simpson; Steve Verrill; Terry Mace


General Technical Reports

Investigation of Historic Equilibrium Moisture Content Data from the Forest Products Laboratory Glass, Samuel V.; Zelinka, Samuel L.; Johnson, Jay A.


General Technical Reports

Heat Treatment of Firewood - Meeting the Phytosanitary Requirements Xiping Wang; Richard Bergman; Brian K. Brashaw; Scott Meyers; Marc Joyal


General Technical Reports