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Publications associated with this Project

Publication YearTitleDate Posted
2016A solution thermodynamics definition of the fiber saturation point and the derivation of a wood-water phase (state) diagram10/04/16
2018Acetylation increases relative humidity threshold for ion transport in wood cell walls – a means to understanding decay resistance11/13/18
2015Anatomically informed mesoscale electrical impedance spectroscopy in southern pine and the electric field distribution for pin-type electric moisture metres07/07/15
2018Apparatus for gravimetric measurement of moisture sorption isotherms for 1-100 g samples in parallel09/10/18
2016Cell wall domain and moisture content influence southern pine electrical conductivity09/15/16
2020Chemical and Mechanical Characterization of Pyrolysis in Wood09/02/21
2021Common sorption isotherm models are not physically valid for water in wood09/02/21
2016Corrosion of metals in treated wood examined by synchrotron based xanes and XFM10/04/16
2016Distribution and oxidation state of copper in the cell walls of treated wood examined by synchrotron based XANES and XFM03/27/17
2017Effect of weight percent gain and experimental method on fiber saturation point of acetylated wood determined by differential scanning calorimetry07/17/18
2019Effects of Moisture on Diffusion in Unmodified Wood Cell Walls: A Phenomenological Polymer Science Approach03/16/20
2020Effects of wood moisture content and the level of acetylation on brown rot decay03/12/20
2020Evaluation of previous measurements of water vapor sorption in wood at multiple temperatures07/29/20
2021Exponential decay analysis: a flexible, robust, data-driven methodology for analyzing sorption kinetic data03/15/21
2015Force-displacement measurements of earlywood bordered pits using a mesomechanical tester10/07/15
2018Fungal–copper interactions in wood examined with large field of view synchrotron-based X-ray fluorescence microscopy07/26/18
2021Interpreting Dynamic Vapor Sorption (DVS) Measurements: Why Wood Science Needs to Hit the Reset Button09/02/21
2019Kinetics of water vapor sorption in wood cell walls: state of the art and research needs09/26/19
2020Limiting polysaccharide motion protects wood from decay06/30/20
2020Measurement of moisture-dependent ion diffusion constants in wood cell wall layers using time-lapse micro X-ray fluorescence microscopy08/21/20
2018Myth versus reality: do parabolic sorption isotherm models reflect actual wood–water thermodynamics?03/12/19
2016Not just lumber--Using wood in the sustainable future of materials, chemicals, and fuels10/04/16
2021Oxidation states of iron and manganese in lignocellulose altered by the brown rot fungus Gloeophyllum trabeum measured in-situ using X-ray absorption near edge spectroscopy (XANES)03/19/21
2014Preserving ancient artifacts for the next millennia04/08/15
2018Quantifying and reducing errors in equilibrium moisture content measurements with dynamic vapor sorption (DVS) experiments09/14/18
2017Rheometry of coarse biomass at high temperature and pressure10/06/17
2018Role of transport in wood damage mechanisms – WSE 2017 keynote lecture09/27/18
2017Short hold times in dynamic vapor sorption measurements mischaracterize the equilibrium moisture content of wood09/20/17
2021Specific heat capacity of wildland foliar fuels to 434 °C04/29/21
2015Subcellular Electrical Measurements as a Function of Wood Moisture Content06/19/15
2017Synchrotron-based X-ray fluorescence microscopy enables multiscale spatial visualization of ions involved in fungal lignocellulose deconstruction03/01/17
2020The effect of acetylation on iron uptake and diffusion in water saturated wood cell walls and implications for decay11/23/20
2019The parallel exponential kinetics model is unfit to characterize moisture sorption kinetics in cellulosic materials04/11/19
2019The processing of Pinus radiata: pore size distribution changes in the cell wall structure studied by pressure plate technique and mercury intrusion porosimetry08/30/19
2016The role of chemical transport in the brown-rot decay resistance of modified wood08/05/16
2015The Role of Chemical Transport in the Decay Resistance of Modified Wood. In: M11/18/15
2015Threshold for ion movements in wood cell walls below fiber saturation observed by X-ray fluorescence microscopy (XFM)05/27/15
2021Using Thermal Neutron Imaging in Forest Products Research04/13/21

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