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Publications associated with this Project

Publication YearTitleDate Posted
2017Accelerated aging of preservative-treated structural plywood09/05/17
2017Analysis of improved criteria for mold growth in ASHRAE standard 160 by comparison with field observations12/12/17
2021Artifacts in electrical measurements on wood caused by non-uniform moisture distributions09/02/21
2018Assessment of fastener corrosion and salt damage in the bilge of the Eureka06/06/18
2016Avast Ye Salty Dogs: Salt damage in the context of coastal residential construction and historical maritime timbers03/22/17
2015 Thermal Insulation System Made of Wood and Paper for Use in Residential Construction01/07/16
2015Basement radon entry and stack driven moisture infiltration reduced by active soil depressurization01/20/15
2019Biodeterioration models for building materials: critical review03/11/20
2016Comparison of the corrosion of fasteners embedded in wood measured in outdoor exposure with the predictions from a combined hygrothermal-corrosion model05/25/16
2019Copper distribution and oxidation states near corroded fasteners in treated wood04/12/19
2020Corrosion of metal fasteners embedded in acetylated and untreated wood at different moisture contents09/23/20
2015Corrosion of Wires on Wooden Wire-Bound Packaging Crates04/08/15
2019Corrosiveness of Thermally Modified Wood03/16/20
2016Effects of Exterior Insulation on Moisture Performance of Wood-Frame Walls in the Pacific Northwest: Measurements and Hygrothermal Modeling07/11/16
2017Evaluation of nonpressure wood preservatives for military applications12/07/17
2018Experimental investigation of the influence of temperature on thermal conductivity of multilayer reflective thermal insulation09/10/18
2019Field moisture performance of wood-framed walls with exterior insulation in a cold climate04/12/19
2020Fungal Diversity Associated with Zones of the AWPA Fungal Decay Hazard Map09/02/21
2020Hygrothermal characterization and modeling of cross-laminated timber in the building envelope05/04/20
2019Hygrothermal modeling of wall drying after water injection03/11/20
2016Improvements to water vapor transmission and capillary absorption measurements in porous materials09/22/17
2020Improving the Accuracy of a Hygrothermal Model for Wood-Frame Walls: A Cold-Climate Study03/12/21
2021Long-Term Moisture Monitoring Results of an Eight-Story Mass Timber Building in the Pacific Northwest08/02/21
2018Moisture monitoring and modeling of mass-timber building systems09/27/18
2018Moisture monitoring of wood-frame walls with and without exterior insulation in the Midwestern U.S03/06/19
2018Moisture monitoring throughout the construction and occupancy of mass timber builidings09/28/18
2015Moisture Performance of Energy-Efficient and Conventional Wood-Frame Wall Assemblies in a Mixed-Humid Climate07/07/15
2020Moisture redistribution in full-scale wood-frame wall assemblies: measurements and engineering approximation09/18/20
2021Moisture relations and physical properties of wood03/23/21
2016Moisture storage and transport properties of preservative treated and untreated southern pine wood07/13/16
2015Moisture transfer through the membrane of a cross-flow energy recovery ventilator: Measurement and simple data-driven modeling03/10/15
2021North American Research Needs Assesment for Mass Timber09/02/21
2018Remote detection of termite activity in wooden bridge structures08/31/18
2015Remote sensing for detection of termite infestations—Proof of Concept06/19/15
2019Research needs assessment for the mass timber industry: Proceedings of the 2nd North American mass timber research needs workshop09/26/19
2020Salt Damage in Wood: Controlled Laboratory Exposures and Mechanical Property Measurements03/12/20
2017Simple and accurate temperature correction for moisture pin calibrations in oriented strand board02/15/17
2019Structure moisture monitoring of an 8-story mass timber building in the Pacific Northwest03/11/20
2017Synchrotron based x-ray fluorescence microscopy confirms copper in the corrosion products of metals in contact with treated wood06/07/17
2015Withdrawal Strength and Bending Yield Strength of Stainless Steel Nails08/25/15
2015Wood Structural Panel & Foam Insulation Systems: Hygrothermal Behavior & Lateral Load Resistance-Experimental Studies05/13/16

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