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Forest Products Laboratory
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Madison, WI 53726-2398
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Engineering Properties of Wood, Wood Based Materials, and Structures

Project Title :  Develop information on structural wood systems, specifically systems and energy performance and design
Project Number : FPL-4714-3B
Status : NEW
Start Date : 10-01-2012
End Date : 09-30-2019

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Douglas R. RammerPrincipal Investigator:
Douglas R. Rammer

Non Technical Summary
Information on new wood building systems and products will be generated by our work in their problem area. Considerable effort will focus on energy efficiency in construction.

Objectives Summary
The objective of research conducted in this problem area will be to: (a) develop analytical models of wood structural systems performance, and (b) develop accurate methods to determine performance under a range of service conditions to support improvements in design and management decisions regarding maintenance, retrofit, and repair methods.

Approach Summary
Planned attainments: 1) Investigate the potential of utilizing various energy harvesting technologies in wood structures; 2) Development of informaton on use of green building strategies with wood structures; 3) Develop design concepts for wood structures that include emphasis on disaster mitigation/design for extreme events; 4) Develop design concepts that focus on energy efficiency.

Publications associated with this Project

Publication YearTitleDate Posted
2015A Field Assessment of Timber Highway Bridge Durability in the United States05/27/15
2016An Overview of CLT Research and Implementation in North America09/07/16
2017Assessing ability of ground-penetrating radar to detect internal moisture and fungal decay in Douglas-fir beams09/21/18
2013Chapter 4: Lateral design of cross-laminated timber buildings07/25/14
2013Chapter 5: Connections Connections in cross-laminated timber buildings07/25/14
2017Comparative durability of timber bridges in the USA10/06/17
2015Condition Assessment of a Historic Trout Rearing Station in Upper Michigan06/05/15
2013Condition Assessment of Iowa Timber Bridges Using Advanced Inspection Tools07/25/14
2016Determination of seismic performance factors for CLT shear wall systems02/10/17
2017Development and full-scale validation of resilience-based seismic design of tall wood buildings: the NEHRI Tallwood Project02/28/19
2019Development of a ready-to-assemble tornado shelter from cross-laminated timber (CLT): impact and wind pressure testing05/29/19
2019Development of a smart timber bridge (phase III): moisture and strain sensor investigation for historic covered bridges09/05/19
2016Development of a tornado safe room door from wood Products: door design and impact testing09/26/16
2018Drone-enabled bridge inspection methodology and application03/01/19
2016Effectiveness of Several NDE Technologies in Detecting Moisture Pockets and: Artificial Defects in Sawn Timber and Glulam08/03/16
2018Evaluating the use of drones for timber bridge inspection09/20/18
2016Experimental seismic behavior of a full-scale four-story soft-story wood-frame building with retrofits I: building design, retrofit methodology, and numerical validation10/05/17
2016Experimental seismic behavior of a full-scale four-story soft-story wood-frame building with retrofits II: shake table test results10/05/17
2018Extended plate and beam demonstration home02/14/18
2018Field application of UAS-based bridge inspection03/01/19
2016Field testing and structural analysis of Burr arch covered bridges in Pennsylvania09/26/16
2013Full-scale Dynamic Testing of Soft-Story Retrofitted and Un-Retrofitted Woodframe Buildings09/08/14
2015Full-Scale Experimental Verification of Soft-Story-Only Retrofits of Wood-Frame Buildings using Hybrid Testing08/13/15
2018Full-scale shake table test of a two story mass-timber building with resilient rocking walls11/28/18
2016Hybrid system of unbonded post-tensioned CLT panels and light-frame wood shear walls02/15/17
2017Investigation of early timber–concrete composite bridges in the United States10/06/17
2018Lateral load performance of SIP walls with full bearing02/14/18
2016Lateral testing of glued laminated timber tudor arch03/01/17
2013Live Load Testing of Historic Covered Timber Bridges07/25/14
2015Live-load performance evaluation of historic covered timber bridges in the United States09/26/16
2017Mass timber rocking panel retrofit of a four-story soft-story building with full-scale shake table validation09/14/17
2012Modeling Force Transfer around Openings in Wood-Frame Shear Walls01/14/13
2015Non-destructive Analysis Reveals Effect of Installation Details on Plywood Siding Performance09/25/15
2013Nondestructive Assessment of Wood Structural Members at Yu Tomb of the Ming Dynasty10/24/13
2013Nondestructive Evaluation of a 75-Year Old Glulam Arch10/24/13
2013Options for NDE Assessment of Heat and Fire Damaged Wood10/24/13
2014Overview of a Project to Quantify Seismic Performance Factors for Cross Laminated Timber Structures in the United States09/08/14
2013Overview of the National Timber Bridge Inspection Study10/24/13
2014Overview of the NEES-Soft Experimental Program for Seismic Risk Reduction of Soft-Story Woodframe Buildings05/14/14
2014Performance-Based Seismic Retrofit of Soft-Story Woodframe Buildings07/18/14
2013Performance-Based Seismic Retrofit of Soft-Story Woodframe Buildings09/18/14
2014Progress on the development of seismic resilient Tall CLT Buildings in the Pacific Northwest08/29/14
2018Residential tornado safe room from commodity wood products – design and development03/19/18
2018Residential tornado safe room from commodity wood products – impact and wind pressure testing03/19/18
2015Residential Tornado Safe Rooms from Commodity Wood Products: Wall Development and Impact Testing10/28/15
2013Seismic Retrofit of Soft-Story Woodframe Buildings Using Cross Laminated Timbers07/18/14
2014Seismic Risk Reduction for Soft-Story Wood-Frame Buildings: Test Results and Retrofit Recommendations from the Nees-Soft Project08/29/14
2014Service life assessment of timber highway bridges in USA climate zones10/01/14
2013Simplified Analytical Model for a Queen-Post Covered Timber Bridge07/25/14
2013Simplified Analytical Model of a Covered Burr-Arch-Truss Timber Bridge07/25/14
2015SIP Shear Walls: Cyclic Performance of High-Aspect-Ratio Segments and Perforated Walls12/23/15
2017Smart timber bridge on geosynthetic reinforced soil (GRS) abutments10/06/17
2018Synthesis of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Applications for Infrastructures03/01/19
2018Systematic experimental investigation to support the development of seismic performance factors for cross laminated timber shear wall systems03/12/19
2018Timber bridge inspection using UAV03/01/19

Project Summaries last modified: 08-22-2018