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Forest Products Laboratory
One Gifford Pinchot Drive
Madison, WI 53726-2398
Phone: (608) 231-9200
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Engineering Properties of Wood, Wood Based Materials, and Structures

Project Title :  Develop information on structural wood systems, specifically systems performance and design
Project Number : FPL-4714-3A
Start Date : 07-23-2007
End Date : 07-23-2012

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Bob RossPrincipal Investigator:
Robert J. Ross

Non Technical Summary
A significant limiting factor in using wood in structures is a lack of information on its systems performance. This research will focus on the performance of wood in structures.

Objectives Summary
The objective of this research is to: a) develop analytical models of wood structural systems performance, and b) develop methods to determine performance under a range of service conditions to support improvements in design and decisions regarding maintenance and repair.

Approach Summary
In cooperation with several universities, we will develop mathematical models of wood-based structural systems. Verification will be through an intensive experimental testing program.

Publications associated with this Project

Publication YearTitleDate Posted
2008Acoustic Evaluation of Alaskan Young-Growth Wood07/21/09
2010An 'Industrialized' methodology for material characterization: Moving away from P/A07/15/10
2011Common questions and concerns from government users of industrial treated wood products03/13/12
2011Comparative Analysis of Design Codes for Timber Bridges in Canada, the United States, and Europe11/16/11
2012Condition Assessment of a 2,500-Year-Old Mummy Coffin05/07/12
2008Condition Assessment of Historic Wood Vessels07/06/09
2009Corrosion Rates of Fasteners in Treated Wood Exposed to 100% Relative Humidity02/09/10
2008Covered Bridges in the United States and the Preservation Program11/20/09
2012Damage Assessment of a Full-Scale Six-Story wood-frame Building Following Triaxial shake Table Tests10/05/12
2008Designing Timber Bridge Superstructures: A Comparison of US and Canadian Bridge Codes11/20/09
2011Determining Modulus of Elasticity of Ancient Structural Timber11/08/11
2010Development of a smart timber bridge girder with fiber optic sensors05/16/11
2011Development of a Smart Timber Bridge-A Five-Year Plan05/16/11
2009Development of Flexural Vibration Inspection Techniques to Rapidly Assess the Structural Health of Rural Bridge Systems05/17/10
2008Enhance bridge performance05/17/10
2011Evaluation of a timber column bent substructure after more than 60 years in-service09/14/11
2011Evaluation of Fleet Management Techniques for Timber Highway Bridges12/14/11
2012Evaluation of the Lateral Performance of Roof Truss-to-Wall Connections in Light-Frame Wood Systems09/12/12
2008Feasibility of Rehabilitating Timber Bridges Using Mechanically Fastened FRP Strips11/20/09
2010Field investigation of a 100-year-old Timber crib foundation at a historic copper mine05/16/11
2012Field investigations of historic covered timber bridges in the USA11/06/12
2010Full-scale shear wall tests for force transfer around openings05/16/11
2009Heat-Treatment Options and Heating Times for Ash Firewood11/20/09
2011Historic Log Cabin structural Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation - A Case Study10/09/12
2011Impact of nondestructive testing and evaluation of wood products11/06/12
2007In Situ Materials and Structural Assessment of Stress-Laminated Deck Bridge Treated with Chromate Copper Arsenate05/17/10
2008Influence of Thinning on Acoustic Velocity of Douglas-fir Trees in Western Washington and Western Oregon07/06/09
2011Live-Load Distribution on Glued-Laminated Timber Girder Bridges02/21/11
2011Modelling Force Transfer Around Openings of Full-Scale Shear Walls10/05/12
2011NDE investigation of the timber foundation in the historic Kennecott Mine Concentration Mill Building10/01/12
2010Nondestructive evaluation of timber highway guardrail posts05/16/11
2010Optical Method for Measuring the Surface Area of A Threaded Fastener06/06/11
2010Overview of the National Historic Covered Bridge Preservation (NHCBP) Program05/16/11
2009Performance of Stress-Laminated Timber Highway Bridges In Cold Climates02/09/10
2008Transverse Vibration Techniques - Logs to Structural Systems10/06/10
2012Use of Laser Scanning Technology to Obtain As-Built Records of Historic Covered Bridges09/05/12

Project Summaries last modified: 06-21-2011