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Engineering Properties of Wood, Wood Based Materials, and Structures

Project Title :  Develop information on the engineering properties and performance of wood based structural products
Project Number : FPL-4714-2B
Status : NEW
Start Date : 10-01-2012
End Date : 09-30-2019

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Xiping WangPrincipal Investigator:
Xiping Wang

Non Technical Summary
Work in this problem area will provide information on important properties of wood and wood materials. This information will be useful to builders and building code officials.

Objectives Summary
The objective of research in this problem area is to develop methods for predicting the performance of wood-based structural products as a function of their constitutive components. With the expected growth in the use of engineered wood-based products in construction, and the restricted availability of higher quality sources of wood fiber, research on the basic properties of small-diameter softwoods, undervalued hardwoods, and recycled wood fiber in various forms is needed so that these sources of fiber can be used in engineered products. Research in this area will focus on developing analytical models of the relationships between constitutive properties and end-use performance characteristics.

Approach Summary
Planned attainments: 1) Basic information on the properties of cross laminated timber (CLT), especially dynamic performance data to be used in the design of disaster resistant housing; 2) Foundation information on the use of structural insulated panels (SIPS) in construction, in particular time-dependent performance characteristics; Information on the use of Stress Class Systems for structural lumber grading

Publications associated with this Project

Publication YearTitleDate Posted
2013Structural Evaluation of the Second Oldest Glued-Laminated Structure in the United States10/24/13
2018A fit of a mixture of bivariate normals to lumber stiffness—strength data09/21/18
2021A Small-Scale Test to Examine Heat Delamination in Cross Laminated Timber (CLT)03/18/21
2018Ability of finger-jointed lumber to maintain load at elevated temperatures04/10/18
2017Accelerated aging of preservative-treated structural plywood09/05/17
2013Analysis of the Part I Southern Pine In-Grade Program Data05/29/13
2015Asymptotically Efficient Estimation of a Bivariate Gaussian-Weibull Distribution and an Introduction to the Associated Pseudo-truncated Weibull11/12/15
2016Characterization of maple and ash material properties as a function of wood density for bat/ball impact modeling in LS-DYNA03/20/17
2015Comparison of Nondestructive Testing Methods for Evaluating No. 2 Southern Pine Lumber: Part A, Modulus of Elasticity01/07/16
2012Composite Material Testing Data Reduction to Adjust for the Systematic 6-DOF Testing Machine Aberrations09/29/15
2013Condition Assessment of the Timber Structures of a Century-Old Industrial Building Using a Nondestructive Inspection Procedure07/18/14
2014Creep Behavior of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS): Results from a Pilot Study12/23/14
2014Design of Multiple Bolted Connections for Laminated Veneer Lumber08/29/14
2013Detection and Assessment of Wood Decay in Glulam Beams Using a Decay Rate Approach: A Review09/25/14
2018Distributions of MOE and MOR in a full lumber population09/27/18
2020Distributions of MOE and MOR in eight mill-run lumber populations (four mills at two times)08/14/20
2019Distributions of modulus of elasticity and modulus of rupture in four mill run lumber populations09/27/19
2015Dynamic determination of modulus of elasticity of full-size wood composite panels using a vibration method01/07/16
2018Effect of site characteristics on juvenile wood transition in lodgepole pine in the inland northwest07/24/18
2016Effects of cedar oil and silica gel treatment on dimensional stability and mechanical properties of Southern Yellow Pine boards09/26/16
2013Environmental Degradation of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Fasteners in Wood05/30/13
2018Evaluation of creep performance of structural insulated panels (SIPs): phase 209/28/18
2014Evaluation of Extended Wall OSB Sheathing Connection under Combined Uplift and Shear Loading for 24-inch Heel Trusses09/09/14
2019Evaluation of modulus of elasticity and modulus of rupture of full-size wood composite panels supported on two nodal-lines using a vibration technique11/20/19
2021Flexural and shear performance of CLT panels made from salvaged beetle-killed white spruce08/26/21
2013Framing Lumber from Building Removal: How do We Best Utilize This Untapped Structural Resource?10/24/13
2021Integrated experimental and numerical study on flexural properties of cross laminated timber made of low-value sugar maple lumber03/16/21
2021Intermediate-scale test developed to screen adhesive fire performance in glued-laminated timber before full-scale testing08/13/21
2019Lateral load performance of structural insulated panel (SIP) diaphragms05/29/19
2012Life Cycle Primary Energy and Carbon Analysis of Recovering Softwood Framing Lumber and Hardwood Flooring for Reuse02/28/13
2013Life-Cycle Energy and GHG Emissions for New and Recovered Softwood Framing Lumber and Hardwood Flooring Considering End-of-Life Scenarios05/29/13
2020Machine grading of lumber—practical concerns for lumber producers08/04/20
2016Maximum likelihood estimation of the parameters of a bivariate Gaussian-Weibull distribution from machine stress-rated data08/24/16
2012Mechanical and time-dependent behavior of wood-plastic composites subjected to tension and compression10/23/12
2014Mechanical Performance of Nail-Laminated Posts Manufactured from Reclaimed Chromated Copper Arsenate-Treated Decking Lumber07/18/14
2021Mechanical properties of wood-based composite materials03/25/21
2021Mechanical Property Evaluation of Hybrid Mixed-Species CLT Panels with Sugar Maple and White Spruce08/09/21
2012Modeling the Effect of Nail Corrosion on the Lateral Strength of Joints02/26/13
2011On the Constitutive Response Characterization for Composite Materials Via Data-Driven Design Optimization09/30/15
2013Performance Analysis and Experimental Validation of the Direct Strain Imaging Method09/30/15
2020Performance of structural insulated panel walls under seismic loading09/25/20
2018Performance of wood adhesive for cross laminated timber under elevated temperatures09/28/18
2016Predict the relationship between wood baseball bat profile and durability03/21/17
2015Predicting Plywood Properties with Wood-based Composite Models05/24/16
2012Preliminary Validation of Composite Material Constitutive Characterization09/29/15
2015Problems with a Type of Matched Subjects Design and Analysis09/08/16
2012Reclaiming the future: What's New in Used Wood04/02/13
2012Robotic and Multiaxial Testing for the Determination of the Constitutive Characterization of Composites09/29/15
2013Robotic Multiaxial Testing and Constitutive Characterization of Composites10/29/14
2017Simulations of solid lumber strength property monitoring tests06/20/17
2020Small scale test to measure the strength of adhesives at elevated temperatures for use in evaluating adhesives for cross-laminated timber (CLT)09/23/20
2019Small scale tests on the performance of adhesives used in cross laminated timber (CLT) at elevated temperatures07/31/20
2021Some Mechanical Properties of Hardwood-Based Particle Composite Materials04/13/21
2017Statistical models for the distribution of modulus of elasticity and modulus of rupture in lumber with implications for reliability calculations12/07/17
2014Structural (Performance) class Potential for North America09/09/14
2014Structural Performance of the Second Oldest Glued-Laminated Structure in the United States05/20/14
2016Tensile strength of thermally modified laminated strand lumber and laminated veneer lumber04/29/16
2016Time-of-Flight Adjustment Procedure for Acoustic Measurements in Structural Timber05/03/16
2020Undervalued hardwoods for engineered materials and components: second edition03/05/20
2020Using modulus of elasticity as the sorting criterion in the manufacture of lodgepole pine laminated decking: a pilot study03/12/21
2016Wind pressure testing of tornado safe room components made from wood02/15/17
2019Within-Mill Variation in the Means and Variances of MOE and MOR of Mill-Rul Lumber Over Time12/20/19
2021Wood handbook: Wood as an engineering material03/19/21

Project Summaries last modified: 08-22-2018