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Forest Products Laboratory
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Madison, WI 53726-2398
Phone: (608) 231-9200
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Engineering Properties of Wood, Wood Based Materials, and Structures

Project Title :  Develop information on the engineering properties and performance of wood-based structural products
Project Number : FPL-4714-2A
Start Date : 07-23-2007
End Date : 07-23-2012

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Bob RossPrincipal Investigator:
Robert J. Ross

Non Technical Summary
Use of many woody raw mateirals is limited in structural components. This project will develop the analytical tools to enable the use of a broad spectrum of wood biomass in engineered components.

Objectives Summary
The objective of this research is to develop methods for predicting the performance of wood-based structural products as a function of their constitutive components.

Approach Summary
We will develop nondestructive evalulation techniques and analytical models that relate tree, log, and final product quality. We will develop analytical modeling techniques that relate fundamental wood properties to the engineering properties of structural components.

Publications associated with this Project

Publication YearTitleDate Posted
2009A Framework for the Automated Data-Driven Constitutive Characterization of Composites10/06/10
2007Acoustic assessment of stress level and potential wood quality of logs affected by oak decline10/15/10
2012Assessing the Capacity of Three Types of Round-wood Connections11/14/12
2009Assessment of laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) for classification of preservative in CCA-treated lumber07/06/09
2010Characterizing Macroscopic Creep Behavior of Wood-Plastic Composites in Tension and Compression06/06/11
2011Data-Driven Design Optimization for Composite Material Characterization11/08/11
2011Dynamic Data Driven Experiment Control Coordinated with Anisotropic Elastic Material Characterization10/09/12
2009Effect of Cellulose Fiber Reinforcement on the Temperature Dependent Mechanical Performance of Nylon 605/17/10
2010Effect of changing slope of grain on ash, maple, and yellow birch bending strength11/25/11
2008Effect of cyclic long-term temperature exposure on the bending strength of lumber10/15/10
2007Effect of press-drying on static bending properties of plantation-grown No. 2 loblolly pine lumber10/15/10
2008Effects of Size and Moisture on Stress Wave E-rating of Structural Lumber11/20/09
2008Engineering Properties of Douglas-fir Lumber Reclaimed from Deconstructed Buildings10/15/10
2012First industrial strength multi-axial Robotic testing campaign for composite material characterization10/05/12
2012Generation and Recovery of Solid Wood Waste in the U.S.09/17/12
2008Grading and properties of small-diameter Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine tapered logs07/06/09
2010Investigating Deformation in HDPE-Wood Flour Composites Using Uniaxial Tension and Nanoindentation Experiments05/17/10
2009Material Variability and Repetitive Member Factors for the Allowable Properties of Engineered Wood Products10/06/10
2011Measuring the Surface Area of Fasteners11/25/11
2010Mechanical Performance of Hemp Fiber Polypropylene Composites at Different Operating Temperatures09/07/10
2012North American Wood Waste Forum: Summary of Group Feedback, 2-3, 201208/08/12
2011Stress-relaxation behavior of lignocellulosic high-density polyethlene composites10/04/12
2007Structural lumber from suppressed-growth ponderosa pine from northern Arizona10/15/10
2011Synthesis of Published and Unpublished Corrosion Data From Long Term Tests of Fasteners Embedded in Wood: Calculation of Corrosion Rates and the Effect of Corrosion on Lateral Joint Strength04/13/11
2011Tension and Compression Creep Apparatus for wood-Plastic Composites10/04/12
2008The immediate effect of temperature on the modulus of elasticity of green and dry lumber10/15/10
2012The North American Product Standard for Cross-Laminated Timber09/05/12
2008Withdrawal strength of bright and galvanized annulary threaded nails10/15/10

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