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Forest Products Laboratory
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Madison, WI 53726-2398
Phone: (608) 231-9200
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Engineering Properties of Wood, Wood Based Materials, and Structures

Project Title :  Develop baseline information on the fundamental anatomical, physical, mechanical, and processing characteristics of wood
Project Number : FPL-4714-1B
Status : NEW
Start Date : 10-01-2012
End Date : 09-30-2019

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Principal Investigator:
David E. Kretschmann

Non Technical Summary
Sucessful accomplishment of work in this problem area will result in improved methods to grade wood materials. It will also provide information on uses of wood from trees that have been infected by invasivespecies.

Objectives Summary
The goals of this problem area are to develop technologies for characterizing the fundamental anatomical, physical, and mechanical properties and processing characteristics of wood.

Approach Summary
Planned attainments: 1) Information on the effectiveness of nondestructive assessment technologies for characterizing and sorting woody biomass; 2) Information on appropriate manufacturing technologies for wood products iinfected by invasive species; 3) Characterization of juvenile wood in lodgepole pine; 4) Advanced wood identification methodologies; 5) Identification methods for nano crystals from wood materials.

Publications associated with this Project

Publication YearTitleDate Posted
2017A critical analysis of methods for rapid and nondestructive determination of wood density in standing trees06/28/17
2016A finite element investigation of the relationship between bat taper geometry and bat durability03/21/17
2011A Mechanical Signal Biases Caste Development in a Social Wasp02/17/11
2013Acoustic Assessment Technologies for Optimal Wood Products and Biomass Utilization10/24/13
2015Acoustic Evaluation of Thinning and Biosolid Fertilization Effects on Wood Quality of a Douglas-fir stand09/25/15
2017Acoustic impact testing and waveform analysis for damage detection in glued laminated timber10/05/17
2013Acoustic measurements on trees and logs: a review and analysis08/16/13
2013Acoustic sorting models for improved log segregation10/24/13
2012Advanced sorting technologies for optimal wood products and woody biomass utilization11/18/13
2016An acoustics operations study for Loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) standing saw timber with different thinning history09/16/16
2013An Evaluation of a Proposed Revision of the ASTM D 1990 Grouping Procedure03/07/13
2013Analysis of Wave Velocity Patterns in Black Cherry Trees and its Effect on Internal Decay Detection10/24/13
2014Analysis of wave velocity patterns in black cherry trees and its effect on internal decay detection05/29/14
2017Assessing specific gravity of young Eucalyptus plantation trees using a resistance drilling technique06/28/17
2016Assessing the Ability of Ground-Penetrating Radar to Detect Fungal Decay in Douglas-Fir Beams05/24/16
2013Assessing the Dimensional Stability of Two Hardwood Species Grown in Turkey with Acoustic Measurements10/24/13
2013Biomass Determination Using Wood Specific Gravity from Increment Cores08/14/13
2013Chapter 2: Manufacturing Cross-laminated timber manufacturing08/04/14
2016Chapter 8 optimized test design for identification of the variation of elastic stiffness properties of Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda) pith to bark11/02/16
2017Combining acoustic and laser scanning methods to improve hardwood log segregation09/21/18
2014Comparative wood anatomy of root and stem of Citharexylum myrianthum (Verbenaceae)09/22/14
2017Comparison of nondestructive testing methods for evaluating No. 2 Southern Pine lumber: Part B, modulus of rupture06/21/17
2018Defect detection and quality assessment of hardwood logs: part 1—acoustic impact test and wavelet analysis08/14/18
2018Defect detection and quality assessment of hardwood logs: part 2—combined acoustic and laser scanning system08/14/18
2015Detection of wood failure by image processing method: influence of algorithm, adhesive and wood species05/13/16
2014Drying Temperature to Reduce Oxidative Discoloration in Soft Maple09/09/14
2013Effect of Decay on Ultrasonic Velocity and Attenuation Measurements in Wood10/29/14
2013Effect of Temperature and Moisture State Changes on Modulus of Elasticity of Red Pine Small Clear Wood10/24/13
2013Effect of temperature on Acoustic Evaluation of standing trees and logs: Part 2: Field Investigation03/21/14
2011Effects of shell morphology on mechanics of zebra and quagga mussel locomotion09/29/15
2019Effects of silviculture practices on engineering properties of northern hardwood species of the Great Lakes Region: a literature review09/05/19
2017Energy harvesting from wood floor vibration using a piezoelectric generator06/30/17
2013Evaluation of the High-Heel Roof-to-Wall Connection with Extended OSB Wall Sheathing05/29/13
2017Experimental and theoretical modal analysis of full-sized wood composite panels supported on four nodes10/05/17
2013Field application of processor head acoustic technology in forest harvest operations11/18/13
2013Figured grain in aspen is heritable and not affected by graft-transmissible signals09/19/13
2014Heat treatment of Firewood for Emerald Ash Borer (Agrilus planipennis Fairmaire): Case Studies08/08/14
2014Laboratory investigation of fire protection coatings for creosote-treated timber railroad bridges06/09/14
2014Maintenance Procedures for North American Visually-graded Dimension Lumber Design Values09/09/14
2017Measuring wood quality in standing trees--a review01/25/18
2015Modeling temperature effect on dynamic modulus of elasticity of red pine (Pinus resinosa) in frozen and non-frozen states03/10/15
2017Multivariate modeling of acoustomechanical response of 14-year-old suppressed loblolly pine (Pinus taeda) to variation in wood chemistry, microfibril angle and density06/28/17
2019Non-destructive evaluation techniques and what they tell us about wood property variation09/17/19
2013Nondestructive Assessment of Schizolobium amazonicum with Stress Wave Tomography10/24/13
2015Nondestructive Evaluation of Wood: Second Edition07/20/15
2013Nondestructive Measurement of Dynamic Modulus for Cellulose Nanofibril Films10/24/13
2014Nondestructive Testing Technique to Quantify Deterioration from Marine Borer Attack in Sitka Spruce and Western Hemlock Logs: Observations from a Pilot Test12/23/14
2012Paired dating of pith and outer edge (terminus) samples from prehispanic Caribbean wooden sculptures11/18/13
2017Partial resistance drilling to assess wood density in trees09/21/18
2013Patented nondestructive evaluation technology developed by the Forest Service for use in the wood products industry09/09/14
2016Potential of ultrasonic pulse velocity for evaluating the dimensional stability of oak and chestnut wood05/24/16
2013Prediction of transverse shrinkages of young-growth Sitka spruce (Picea sitchensis) and western hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla) with ultrasonic measurements04/08/15
2013Prediction of wood Quality in Small-Diameter Douglas-Fir using site and Stand Characteristics05/08/13
2017Proceedings, 20th international nondestructive testing and evaluation of wood symposium12/14/17
2019Proceedings, 21st international nondestructive testing and evaluation of wood symposium09/17/19
2012Rapid Assessment of Wood Density of Standing Trees with Nondestructive Methods - A Review10/17/14
2014Reliability Implications in Wood Systems of a Bivariate Gaussian-Weibull Distribution and the Associated Univariate Pseudo-truncated Weibull09/09/14
2018Reliability of acoustic tomography and ground-penetrating radar for tree decay detection03/06/19
2017Reminder about potentially serious problems with a type of blocked ANOVA analysis09/05/17
2015Remote sensing for detection of termite infestations—Proof of Concept06/19/15
2012Robotic and Multiaxial Testing for the Constitutive Characterization of Composites10/09/12
2019Simulations of nonparametric analyses of predictor sort (matched specimens) data09/05/19
2013Stress Wave E-Rating of Structural Timber—Size and Moisture Content Effects09/09/14
2015Stress Wave Propagation in Larch Plantation Trees-Numerical Simulation09/25/15
2016Stress wave velocity patterns in the longitudinal-radial plane of trees for defect diagnosis05/24/16
2012Testing a Novel Method to Approximate Wood Specific Gravity of Trees05/14/13
2016Testing of small clear tension perpendicular to grain samples of Sugar Maple for radial, tangencial and 45 degree loading orientations03/22/17
2014Tomographic Image Reconstruction Using an Interpolation Method for Tree Decay Detection09/25/14
2014Ultrasonic-Based Nondestructive Evaluation Methods for Wood: A Primer and Historical Review11/20/14
2015Ultrasound Transmission Times in Biologically Deteriorated Wood05/19/16
2013USDA Forest Products Laboratory's Debris Launcher08/16/13
2019Use of time-of-flight ultrasound to measure wave speed in poplar seedlings10/01/19
2018Using transverse vibration nondestructive testing techniques to estimate stiffness and strength of southern pine lumber08/14/18
2019Variations in orthotropic elastic constants of green Chinese larch from pith to sapwood09/13/19
2019Visual and MSR grades of lumber are not 2-parameter Weibulls and why this may matter09/06/19
2018Wear behavior of drill bits in wood drilling resistance measurements08/14/18
2015Withdrawal Strength and Bending Yield Strength of Stainless Steel Nails08/25/15
2014Wood Specific Gravity Variation with Height and Its Implications for Biomass Estimation03/28/14
2012Wood Utilization Options for Urban Trees Infested by Invasive Species01/17/13

Project Summaries last modified: 08-22-2018