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Forest Products Laboratory
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Madison, WI 53726-2398
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Engineering Properties of Wood, Wood Based Materials, and Structures

Project Title :  Develop baseline information on the fundamental anatomical, physical/mechanical, and processing characteristics of wood
Project Number : FPL-4714-1A
Start Date : 07-23-2007
End Date : 07-23-2012

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Bob RossPrincipal Investigator:
Robert J. Ross

Non Technical Summary
Certain wood processing and end-use situations lead to problems with using wood-based materials. The purpose of this work is to examine fundamental wood characteristics and learn how they contribute to wood product performance.

Objectives Summary
The objective of this research is to develop technologies for characterizing the fundamental anatomical, physical, and mechanical properties of wood.

Approach Summary
A multi-disciplinary approach will be applied. We wil examine/develop procedures to examine the building blocks of the wood cell wall, and analytical models to relate what is found to various processing and end-use situations.

Publications associated with this Project

Publication YearTitleDate Posted
2009'Ray-intrusive' laticifers in species of Croton section Cyclostigma (euphorbiaceae)10/06/10
2011A brief review of machine vision in the context of automated wood identification systems09/14/11
2009A climatic and taxonomic comparison between leaf litter and standing vegetation from a Florida swamp woodland10/20/09
2012A study of wood baseball bat breakage10/05/12
2009Acoustic Tomography in Relation to 2D Ultrasonic Velocity and Hardness Mappings05/02/11
2011Age versus size determination of radial variation in wood specific gravity: lessons from eccentrics11/16/11
2010Age-Dependent Radial Increases in Wood Specific Gravity of Tropical Pioneers in Costa Rica01/10/11
2012An Investigation of bat durability by wood species10/09/12
2008Analytical Determination of the Surface Area of a Threaded Fastener11/20/09
2012Anomalous dark growth rings in black cherry09/28/12
2012Asymptotically efficient estimation of a bivariate Gaussian–Weibull distribution and an introduction to the associated pseudotruncated Weibull08/03/12
2009Biocentricity and economy of scale: hypothesis (and product) testing when wood is a part of an experimental system evaluating durability10/11/10
2007Censoring data for resistance factor calculations in load and resistance factor design: a preliminary study10/15/10
2012Characterization of Juvenile wood in Lodgepole Pine in the Intermountain West10/05/12
2012Chronologies in wood and resin: AMS 14C dating of pre-Hispanic Caribbean Wood Sculpture10/25/12
2011Concerns about a Variance Approach to X-ray Diffractometric Estimation of Microfibril Angle in Wood06/10/11
2008Corrosion of metals in contact with treated wood : developing test methods10/15/10
2012Density and Specific Gravity Metrics in Biomass Research04/26/12
2012Effect of Temperature on Acoustic Evaluation of Standing trees and logs: Part 1-Laboratory investigation08/28/12
2009Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) as a tool for measuring corrosion of polymer-coated fasteners used in treated wood04/27/09
2008Environmental impact of producing hardwood lumber using life-cycle inventory10/15/10
2007Equivalent circuit modeling of wood at 12% moisture content10/15/10
2008Evaluating shrinkage of wood propellers in a high-temperature environment10/15/10
2012Examination of water phase transitions in Loblolly pine and cell wall components by differential scanning calorimetry04/19/12
2011Experimental investigation of stress wave propagation in standing trees09/07/11
2009Exploring Methods for Prevention of Oxidative Stain in Soft Maple10/13/09
2008Factors Affecting Oxidative Stain in Soft Maple (Acer rubrum L.)10/15/10
2011Fundamentals of Acoustic Measurements on Trees and Logs and Their Implication to Field Application11/14/12
2010Heat sterilization of ash (Fraxinus spp.) firewood: Heat-treating options, temperature monitoring and thermal verification05/16/11
2011Heat Treatment of Firewood - Meeting the Phytosanitary Requirements09/07/11
2009Heat-Treatment Options and Heating Times for Ash Firewood11/20/09
2011Identification of Central American Woods/de las Especies Maderables de Centroamerica09/14/11
2008Impedance spectroscopy and circuit modeling of Southern pine above 20% moisture content11/20/09
2009Improving the Performance of Painted Wood Siding: Rain Screen, End-Grain Seal, and Back Priming10/06/09
2010Influence of chemical treatments on moisture-induced dimensional change and elastic modulus of earlywood and latewood10/20/10
2008Influence of juvenile wood content on shear parallel, compression, and tension transverse to grain strength and mode I fracture toughness for loblolly pine10/15/10
2008Influence of Thinning on Acoustic Velocity of Douglas-fir Trees in Western Washington and Western Oregon07/06/09
2008Life-Cycle Inventory of Hardwood Lumber Manufacturing in the Northeast and North Central United States12/16/10
2008Long-term effects of elevated carbon dioxide on sour orange tree specific gravity and anatomy10/15/10
2010Measuring Wood Specific Gravity - Correctly01/10/11
2011Modeling temperature and moisture state effects on acoustic velocity in wood10/25/12
2009Moisture-Related Properties of Wood and the Effects of Moisture on Wood and Wood Products02/09/10
2009Nondestructuve Testing and Evaluation of Wood: A Worldwide Research Update07/06/09
2011Optimum Drying Temperature to Prevent Oxidative Stain in Soft Maple07/29/11
2008Primer on Wood Biomass for Energy06/04/09
2012Radial wood Allocation in Schizolobium Parahyba10/05/12
2010Sectional rearrangement of arborescent clades of Croton (Euphorbiaceae) in South America: Evolution of arillate seeds and a new species, Croton domatifer01/10/11
2012Separation of Dalbergia stevensonii from Dalbergia tucurensis03/15/12
2012Small Sample Properties of Asymptotically Efficient Estimators of the Parameters of a Bivariate Gaussian–Weibull Distribution08/06/12
2012Sources of Confusion in the Determination of ASTM Repetitive Member Factors for the Allowable Properties of Wood Products09/17/12
2009Stress Wave Propagation on Standing Trees -Part 2. Formation of 3D Stress Wave Contour Maps05/02/11
2009Stress Wave Propagation on Standing Trees-Part 1. Time-of-Flight Measurement and 2D Stress Wave Contour Maps05/02/11
2012Structure and Function of Wood10/09/12
2012Testing a Novel Method to Approximate Wood Specific Gravity of Trees10/05/12
2008Towards the robotic characterization of the constitutive response of composite materials04/27/09
2011Treasures ... of black wood, brilliantly polished : five examples of Taino sculpture from the tenth-sixteenth century Caribbean.09/14/11
2010Understanding Extractive Bleed01/23/11
2007Wood anatomy of Pleodendron costaricense (Canellaceae) from Southern Pacific, Costa Rica10/06/10
2012Wood and Wood-Based Materials as Sensors—A Review of the Piezoelectric Effect in Wood07/30/12

Project Summaries last modified: 06-21-2011