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Engineering Properties of Wood, Wood Based Materials, and Structures

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Publications associated with this Project

Publication YearTitleDate Posted
2009'Ray-intrusive' laticifers in species of Croton section Cyclostigma (euphorbiaceae)10/06/10
2011A brief review of machine vision in the context of automated wood identification systems09/14/11
2009A climatic and taxonomic comparison between leaf litter and standing vegetation from a Florida swamp woodland10/20/09
2012A study of wood baseball bat breakage10/05/12
2009Acoustic Tomography in Relation to 2D Ultrasonic Velocity and Hardness Mappings05/02/11
2011Age versus size determination of radial variation in wood specific gravity: lessons from eccentrics11/16/11
2010Age-Dependent Radial Increases in Wood Specific Gravity of Tropical Pioneers in Costa Rica01/10/11
2012An Investigation of bat durability by wood species10/09/12
2008Analytical Determination of the Surface Area of a Threaded Fastener11/20/09
2012Anomalous dark growth rings in black cherry09/28/12
2012Asymptotically efficient estimation of a bivariate Gaussian–Weibull distribution and an introduction to the associated pseudotruncated Weibull08/03/12
2009Biocentricity and economy of scale: hypothesis (and product) testing when wood is a part of an experimental system evaluating durability10/11/10
2007Censoring data for resistance factor calculations in load and resistance factor design: a preliminary study10/15/10
2012Characterization of Juvenile wood in Lodgepole Pine in the Intermountain West10/05/12
2012Chronologies in wood and resin: AMS 14C dating of pre-Hispanic Caribbean Wood Sculpture10/25/12
2011Concerns about a Variance Approach to X-ray Diffractometric Estimation of Microfibril Angle in Wood06/10/11
2008Corrosion of metals in contact with treated wood : developing test methods10/15/10
2012Density and Specific Gravity Metrics in Biomass Research04/26/12
2012Effect of Temperature on Acoustic Evaluation of Standing trees and logs: Part 1-Laboratory investigation08/28/12
2009Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) as a tool for measuring corrosion of polymer-coated fasteners used in treated wood04/27/09
2008Environmental impact of producing hardwood lumber using life-cycle inventory10/15/10
2007Equivalent circuit modeling of wood at 12% moisture content10/15/10
2008Evaluating shrinkage of wood propellers in a high-temperature environment10/15/10
2012Examination of water phase transitions in Loblolly pine and cell wall components by differential scanning calorimetry04/19/12
2011Experimental investigation of stress wave propagation in standing trees09/07/11
2009Exploring Methods for Prevention of Oxidative Stain in Soft Maple10/13/09
2008Factors Affecting Oxidative Stain in Soft Maple (Acer rubrum L.)10/15/10
2011Fundamentals of Acoustic Measurements on Trees and Logs and Their Implication to Field Application11/14/12
2010Heat sterilization of ash (Fraxinus spp.) firewood: Heat-treating options, temperature monitoring and thermal verification05/16/11
2011Heat Treatment of Firewood - Meeting the Phytosanitary Requirements09/07/11
2009Heat-Treatment Options and Heating Times for Ash Firewood11/20/09
2011Identification of Central American Woods/de las Especies Maderables de Centroamerica09/14/11
2008Impedance spectroscopy and circuit modeling of Southern pine above 20% moisture content11/20/09
2009Improving the Performance of Painted Wood Siding: Rain Screen, End-Grain Seal, and Back Priming10/06/09
2010Influence of chemical treatments on moisture-induced dimensional change and elastic modulus of earlywood and latewood10/20/10
2008Influence of juvenile wood content on shear parallel, compression, and tension transverse to grain strength and mode I fracture toughness for loblolly pine10/15/10
2008Influence of Thinning on Acoustic Velocity of Douglas-fir Trees in Western Washington and Western Oregon07/06/09
2008Life-Cycle Inventory of Hardwood Lumber Manufacturing in the Northeast and North Central United States12/16/10
2008Long-term effects of elevated carbon dioxide on sour orange tree specific gravity and anatomy10/15/10
2010Measuring Wood Specific Gravity - Correctly01/10/11
2011Modeling temperature and moisture state effects on acoustic velocity in wood10/25/12
2009Moisture-Related Properties of Wood and the Effects of Moisture on Wood and Wood Products02/09/10
2009Nondestructuve Testing and Evaluation of Wood: A Worldwide Research Update07/06/09
2011Optimum Drying Temperature to Prevent Oxidative Stain in Soft Maple07/29/11
2008Primer on Wood Biomass for Energy06/04/09
2012Radial wood Allocation in Schizolobium Parahyba10/05/12
2010Sectional rearrangement of arborescent clades of Croton (Euphorbiaceae) in South America: Evolution of arillate seeds and a new species, Croton domatifer01/10/11
2012Separation of Dalbergia stevensonii from Dalbergia tucurensis03/15/12
2012Small Sample Properties of Asymptotically Efficient Estimators of the Parameters of a Bivariate Gaussian–Weibull Distribution08/06/12
2012Sources of Confusion in the Determination of ASTM Repetitive Member Factors for the Allowable Properties of Wood Products09/17/12
2009Stress Wave Propagation on Standing Trees -Part 2. Formation of 3D Stress Wave Contour Maps05/02/11
2009Stress Wave Propagation on Standing Trees-Part 1. Time-of-Flight Measurement and 2D Stress Wave Contour Maps05/02/11
2012Structure and Function of Wood10/09/12
2012Testing a Novel Method to Approximate Wood Specific Gravity of Trees10/05/12
2008Towards the robotic characterization of the constitutive response of composite materials04/27/09
2011Treasures ... of black wood, brilliantly polished : five examples of Taino sculpture from the tenth-sixteenth century Caribbean.09/14/11
2010Understanding Extractive Bleed01/23/11
2007Wood anatomy of Pleodendron costaricense (Canellaceae) from Southern Pacific, Costa Rica10/06/10
2012Wood and Wood-Based Materials as Sensors—A Review of the Piezoelectric Effect in Wood07/30/12

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