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Fiber and Chemical Sciences Research

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Publications associated with this Project

Publication YearTitleDate Posted
20141064nm FT-Raman spectroscopy for investigations of plant cell walls and other biomass materials09/25/14
2013Hydrogen peroxide and caustic soda: Dancing with a dragon while bleaching09/06/13
2020A novel unit operation to remove hydrophobic contaminants05/29/20
2016Acridine Orange Indicates Early Oxidation of Wood Cell Walls by Fungi09/07/16
2019Analysis of cellulose and lignocellulose materials by Raman spectroscopy: A review of the current status09/26/19
2014Anthraquinone - A Review of the Rise and Fall of a Pulping Catalyst10/30/14
2014Anthraquinone-A Review of the Rise and Fall of a Pulping Catalyst09/26/14
2014Anthraquinone-A review of the rise and fall of a pulping catalyst06/05/15
2014Anthraquinone-A Review of the Rise and Fall of a Pulping Catalyst09/26/14
2014Anthraquinone-A review of the rise and fall of a pulping catalyst06/05/15
2014Catalysis: A Potential Alternative to Kraft Pulping10/30/14
2014Catalysis: A Potential Alternative to Kraft Pulping05/03/16
2013Chapter 6: New Products and Product Categories in the Global Forest Sector02/03/14
2012Chapter 7:Mineral Scale Management01/10/13
2017Characterization of extractives in durable and non-durable hardwoods: Black locust, Catalpa, and Honey mesquite12/13/17
2020Characterization of fetterbush Lyonia lucida liquid extractions09/24/20
2020Classification of chemicals in black locust Robinia pseudoacacia wood and bark09/24/20
2017Comparative characterization of extractives in Alaskan Yellow, Eastern Red, and Western Red Cedars12/13/17
2017Comparative study of fungal deterioration in Liquidambar orientalis mill heartwood extractives10/05/17
2014Effect of Fusiform Rust (Cronartium quercuum f.sp. fusiforme) on the Composition of Loblolly Pine Lignin07/18/14
2018Effect of pulper consistency on stickies size distribution09/30/19
2017Effect of sample moisture content on XRD-estimated cellulose crystallinity index and crystallite size06/28/17
2013Estimation of Cellulose Crystallinity of Lignocelluloses Using Near-IR FT-Raman Spectroscopy and Comparison of the Raman and Segal-WAXS Methods08/15/13
2015Estimation of S/G ratio in woods using 1064 nm FT-Raman spectroscopy09/25/15
2019Estimation of syringyl units in wood lignins by FT-Raman spectroscopy08/23/19
2013Evaluation of Fungal Deterioration in Liquidambar orientalis Mill. heartwood by FT-IR and light microscopy10/24/13
2020Highly bleachable wood fibers containing less condensed lignin from acid hydrotropic fractionation (AHF)08/21/20
2014Inter-laboratory comparisons of hexenuronic acid measurements in kraft eucalyptus pulps using a UV-Vis spectroscopic method03/26/14
2020Investigation of inkberry Ilex glabra L. Gray (Aquifoliaceae) solvent fractions using two-dimensional gas chromatography technology.09/25/20
2015Mountain pine beetle infestation: GCxGCTOFMS and GC-MS of lodgepole pine (pinus contorta) acetone extractives05/19/16
2015Naturally p-Hydroxybenzoylated Lignins in Palms09/15/15
2018New cellulose crystallinity estimation method that differentiates between organized and crystalline phases08/08/18
2012Polyacrylates with High Biomass Contents for Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives Prepared via Mini-emulsion Polymerization09/05/13
2011Polyoxometalate Delignification of Birch Kraft Pulp and Effect on Residual Lignin06/06/11
2016Probing crystallinity of never-dried wood cellulose with Raman spectroscopy01/07/16
2018Processing bulk natural wood into a high-performance structural material03/29/18
2012Ring profiler: a new method for estimating tree-ring density for improved estimates of carbon storage02/06/13
2019Size distribution analysis of microstickies treated by enzyme mixtures in papermaking whitewater10/01/19
2017Superflexible Wood10/05/17
2013Surface Enrichment by Conventional and Polymerizable Sulfated Nonylphenol Ethoxylate Emulsifiers in Water-Based Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive09/06/13
2016Techniques for characterizing lignin09/22/16
2015The effect of polarity of extractives on the durability of wood05/19/16
2013Timber Bamboo Pulp09/06/13
2013Time-domain NMR study of the drying of hemicellulose extracted aspen (Populus tremuloides Michx.)08/13/13
2020Two-dimensional gas chromatography characterization of saw palmetto Serenoa repens chemical composition09/25/20
2018Water retention value for characterizing fibrillation degree of cellulosic fibers at micro and nanometer scales11/28/18

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