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Fiber and Chemical Sciences Research

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Publications associated with this Project

Publication YearTitleDate Posted
2015Case studies on sugar production from underutilized woody biomass using sulfite chemistry10/15/15
2020A Clear, Strong, and Thermally Insulated Transparent Wood for Energy Efficient Windows03/12/20
2014A Highly Diastereoselective Oxidant Contributes to Ligninolysis by the White Rot Basidiomycete Ceriporiopsis subvermispora10/01/14
2014A novel rheometer design for yield stress fluids09/30/14
2016A survey of bioenergy research in Forest Service Research and Development06/09/16
2016Batch fermentation options for high titer bioethanol production from a SPORL pretreated Douglas-Fir forest residue without detoxification12/06/16
2013Bioconversion of Beetle-Killed Lodgepole Pine Using SPORL: Process Scale-up Design, Lignin Coproduct, and High Solids Fermentation without detoxification12/17/13
2016Bioconversion of woody biomass to biofuel and lignin co-product using sulfite pretreatment to overcome the recalcitrance of lignocelluloses (SPORL)09/14/16
2013Bioenergy Special Issue: International Conference on Bioenergy Technologies and Joint Symposium with AIChE Forest Products Division, Nanjing, China, October 201212/17/13
2016Biorefinery lignosulfonates from sulfite-pretreated softwoods as dispersant for graphite12/02/16
2013Biorefinery opportunities for the forest products industries06/27/13
2019Cellulose-cyclodextrin co-polymer for the removal of cyanotoxins on water sources03/11/20
2017Cellulosic ethanol byproducts as a bulking agent06/28/17
2013Chapter 6: Prehydrolysis Pulping with Fermentation Coproducts09/30/13
2019Co-production of bioethanol and furfural from poplar wood via low temperature (≤90 °C) acid hydrotropic fractionation (AHF)09/26/19
2014Comparison of Dilute Acid and Sulfite Pretreatment for enzymatic Saccharification of Earlywood and Latewood of Douglas Fir03/28/14
2014Comparisons of five Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains for ethanol production from SPORL pretreated lodgepole pine12/23/14
2014Comparisons of high titer ethanol production and lignosulfonate properties by SPORL pretreatment of lodgepole pine at two temperatures08/07/14
2016Conversion of SPORL pretreated Douglas fir forest residues into microbial lipids with oleaginous yeasts05/03/16
2019Dissolution of less-processed wood fibers without bleaching in an ionic liquid: effect of lignin condensation on wood component dissolution10/01/19
2015Effect of Hot-Pressing Temperature on the Subsequent Enzymatic Saccharification and Fermentation Performance of SPORL Pretreated Forest Biomass04/01/15
2015Effects of process variables on the yield stress of rheologically modified biomass09/29/16
2012Effects of SPORL and dilute acid pretreatment on substrate morphology, cell physical and chemical wall structures, and subsequent enzymatic hydrolysis of lodgepole pine01/17/13
2016Efficient Conversion of Lignin to Electricity Using a Novel Direct Biomass Fuel Cell Mediated by Polyoxomethalates at Low Temperatures05/04/16
2013Enzymatic hydrolysis of loblolly pine: effects of cellulose crystallinity and delignification05/29/13
2013Enzymatic Saccharification of Lignocelluloses Should be Conducted at Elevated pH 5.2-6.208/26/13
2014Ethanol production from non-detoxified whole slurry of sulfite-pretreated empty fruit bunches at a low cellulase loading07/18/14
2013Evaluation energy efficiency of bioconversion knot rejects to ethanol in comparison to other thermochemically pretreated biomass04/03/13
2013Evidence from Serpula lacrymans that 2,5-Dimethoxyhydroquinone Is a Lignocellulolytic Agent of Divergent Brown Rot Basidiomycetes09/05/13
2016Fermentative high-titer ethanol production from Douglas-fir forest residue without detoxification using SPORL: high SO2 loading at low temperature10/05/17
2011Forest biorefinery: The next century of innovation07/05/11
2012Fractionation of Forest Residues of Douglas-fir for Fermentable Sugar Production by SPORL Pretreatment01/18/13
2020Fractionation of herbaceous biomass using a recyclable hydrotropic p–toluenesulfonic acid (p–TsOH)/choline chloride (ChCl) solvent system at low temperatures08/21/20
2018Fungal lignin peroxidase does not produce the veratryl alcohol cation radical as a diffusible ligninolytic oxidant07/26/18
2014High solids Quasi-Simultaneous Enzymatic Saccharification and Fermentation of Un-Detoxified Whole Slurry of SPORL Pretreated Douglas-fir Forest Residue03/10/15
2015High titer and yield ethanol production from undetoxified whole slurry of Douglas-fir forest residue using pH profiling in SPORL04/30/15
2015High Titer Ethanol and Lignosulfonate Production from SPORL Pretreated Poplar at Pilot Scale09/25/15
2012High titer ethanol production from SPORL-pretreated lodgepole pine by simultaneous enzymatic saccharification and combined fermentation11/15/12
2020Impact of co‐product selection on techno‐economic analyses of alternative jet fuel produced with forest harvest residuals08/13/20
2017Increasing the revenue from lignocellulosic biomass: maximizing feedstock utilization07/12/18
2017Integrated production of furfural and levulinic acid from corncob in a one-pot batch reaction incorporating distillation using step temperature profiling07/17/18
2014Isolation and structural characterization of sugarcane bagasse lignin after dilute phosphoric acid plus steam explosion pretreatment and its effect on cellulose hydrolysis03/27/14
2018Lessons learned from 150 years of pulping wood07/26/18
2013Lignosulfonate and elevated pH can enhance enzymatic saccharification of lignocelluloses03/11/13
2013Lignosulfonate To Enhance Enzymatic Saccharification of Lignocelluloses: Role of Molecular Weight and Substrate Lignin09/06/13
2013Lignosulfonate-mediated cellulase adsorption: enhanced enzymatic saccharification of lignocellulose through weakening nonproductive binding to lignin01/02/14
2017Low-temperature microbial and direct conversion of lignocellulosic biomass to electricity: advances and challenges07/24/18
2020Maleic acid as a dicarboxylic acid hydrotrope for sustainable fractionation of wood at atmospheric pressure and ≤100 °C: mode and utility of lignin esterification04/03/20
2016Microbial lipid production from SPORL-pretreated Douglas fir by Mortierella isabellina05/03/16
2016Molecular structure of sodium lignosulfonate from different sources and their properties as dispersant of TiO2 slurry12/20/16
2014On the conflicting findings of Role of Cellulose-Crystallinity in Enzume Hydrolysis of Biomass05/01/14
2013pH-Induced Lignin Surface Modification to Reduce Nonspecific Cellulase Binding and Enhance Enzymatic Saccharification of Lignocelluloses05/29/13
2017Phosphomolybdic acid and ferric iron as efficient electron mediators for coupling biomass pretreatment to produce bioethanol and electricity generation from wheat straw04/14/17
2016Pilot-scale demonstration of SPORL for bioconversion of lodgepole pine to bioethanol and lignosulfonate07/28/16
2017Polyoxometalate-mediated lignin oxidation for efficient enzymatic production of sugars and generation of electricity from lignocellulosic biomass07/27/18
2019Preserving both lignin and cellulose chemical structures: flow-through acid hydrotropic fractionation at atmospheric pressure for complete wood valorization09/05/19
2017Producing wood-based nanomaterials by rapid fractionation of wood at 80 °C using a recyclable acid hydrotrope09/01/17
2020Production of 1,000 gallons of certified biojet fuel through biochemical conversion of softwood forest residuals09/04/20
2020Properties of densified poplar wood through partial delignification with alkali and acid pretreatment08/21/20
2017Rapid and near-complete dissolution of wood lignin at ≤80°C by a recyclable acid hydrotrope09/27/17
2016Reaction kinetics based optimization of furfural production from corncob using a fully recyclable solid acid11/28/18
2015Regulation of Gene Expression during the Onset of Ligninolytic Oxidation by Phanerochaete chrysosporium on Spruce Wood12/15/15
2017Rheometry of coarse biomass at high temperature and pressure10/06/17
2013Robust enzymatic saccharification of a Douglas-fir forest harvest residue by SPORL01/02/14
2013Spatial mapping of extracellular oxidant production by a white rot basidiomycete on wood reveals details of ligninolytic mechanism05/14/13
2018SPORL pretreatment spent liquors enhance the enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose and ethanol production from glucose02/13/19
2013Substrate-Related Factors Affecting Enzymatic Saccharification of Lignocelluloses: Our Recent Understanding09/10/13
2013Sulfite (SPORL) pretreatment of switchgrass for enzymatic saccharification01/02/13
2019Toward sustainable and complete wood valorization by fractionating lignin with low condensation using an acid hydrotrope at low temperatures (≤80 °C)08/27/19
2014Understanding the effects of lignosulfonate on enzymatic saccharification of pure cellulose07/21/14
2015Using a combined hydrolysis factor to optimize high titer ethanol production from sulfite-pretreated poplar without detoxification04/08/15
2014Using low temperature to balance enzymatic saccharification and furan formation during SPORL pretreatment of Douglas-fir08/07/14
2015Using sulfite chemistry for robust bioconversion of Douglas-fir forest residue to bioethanol at high titer and lignosulfonate: A pilot-scale evaluation01/21/15
2018Valorization of wheat straw using a recyclable hydrotrope at low temperatures (≤90 °C)09/30/19
2016Wood-derived materials for green electronics, biological Devices, and energy applications12/20/16
2013Xylanase supplementation on enzymatic saccharification of dilute acid pretreated poplars at different severities10/22/13

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