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Fiber and Chemical Sciences Research

Project Title :  Advancing the forest biorefinery
Project Number : FPL-4709-1A
Start Date : 08-24-2007
End Date : 08-23-2012

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Alan W. RudiePrincipal Investigator:
Alan W. Rudie

Non Technical Summary
Wood hydrolysis by dilute acid or enzymes are the preferred methods for producing sugars for fermentation to fuel grade ethanol. Both hydrolysis methods are retarded by the lignin portion of the wood and the crystalline portion of the cellulose. Pretreatment methods are needed that overcome the lignin barrier and reduce the amount of cellulose in crystalline form.

Objectives Summary
Derive valuable chemicals from lignin and wood extractives and develop wood pretreatment and treatment methods that increase the yield of sugars from acid hydrolysis or enzymatic saccharification.

Approach Summary
Evaluate wood pretreatment methods with organic and mineral acids as pretreatments prior to production of wood fiber for paper and particleboard. Evaluate pretreatments with organic and mineral acids in conjunction with mechanical and thermal treatments as pretreatments for enzymatic saccharification. Test filtrates and residual wood for sugars, fermentation inhibiters and degradation products. Evaluate wood extractives by GC-MS focusing on efforts on smaller concentration components that may have been missed in earlier analysis and on compounds that may display biological activity.

Publications associated with this Project

Publication YearTitleDate Posted
2007Acid Prehydrolysis of Wood07/15/10
2011An update on sulfite pretreatment (SPORL) of lignocellulosic biomass for effective production of cellulose ethanol09/09/11
2012Chapter 15: Forest Trees10/24/12
2010Comparative study of SPORL and dilute-acid pretreatments of spruce for cellulosic ethanol production07/15/10
2011Comparisons of SPORL and dilute acid pretreatments for sugar and ethanol productions from aspen05/16/11
2012Conceptual net energy output for biofuel production from lignocellulosic biomass through biorefining06/11/12
2011Dilute Acid Pretreatment of Corncob for Efficient Sugar Production05/02/11
2011Effects of drying-induced fiber hornification on enzymatic saccharification of lignocelluloses06/10/11
2010Effects of Lignin-Metal Complexation on Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose07/15/10
2011Effects of wet-pressing-induced fiber hornification on enzymatic saccharification of lignocelluloses07/29/11
2011Efficient ethanol production from beetle-killed lodgepole pine using SPORL technology and Saccharomyces cerevisiae without detoxification07/05/11
2010Eliminating inhibition of enzymatic hydrolysis by lignosulfonate in unwashed sulfite-pretreated aspen using metal salts11/15/10
2008Enhanced enzymatic hydrolysis of spruce by alkaline pretreatment at low temperature10/15/10
2011Enzymatic hydrolysis of biomass: Effects of crystallinity, particle size, and lignin removal09/07/11
2012Ethanol production from poplar wood through enzymatic saccharification and fermentation by dilute acid and SPORL pretreatments03/14/12
2010Ethanol production from SPORL-pretreated lodgepole pine: preliminary evaluation of mass balance and process energy efficiency07/15/10
2011Evaluation of a Value Prior to Pulping-thermomechanical pulp business concept: Part 207/12/11
2011Evaluation of Ethanol Production from Corncob Using Scheffersomyces (Pichia) stipitis CBS 6054 by Volumetric Scale-up11/16/11
2012Evaluations of cellulose accessibilities of lignocelluloses by solute exclusion and protein adsorption techniques12/20/11
2011High titer ethanol production from simultaneous enzymatic saccharification and fermentation of aspen at high solids: A comparison between SPORL and dilute acid pretreatments11/16/11
2011In Situ, Rapid, and Temporally Resolved Measurements of Cellulase Adsorption onto Lignocellulosic Substrates by UV-vis Spectrophotometry01/23/11
2008Integrated biomass technologies: future vision for optimally using wood and biomass10/15/10
2012Kinetics of adsorption, desorption, and readsorption of a commercial endoglucanase in lignocellulosic suspensions07/03/12
2010Laccase and Its Role in Production of Extracellular Reactive Oxygen Species during Wood Decay by the Brown Rot Basidiomycete Postia placenta05/17/10
2007New insights into the ligninolytic capability of a wood decay ascomycete10/15/10
2010On energy consumption for size-reduction and yields from subsequent enzymatic saccharification of pretreated lodgepole pine07/15/10
2011On Polydispersity of Plant Biomass Recalcitrance and Its Effects on Pretreatment Optimization for Sugar Production09/07/11
2011Opportunities for the Forest Products Industries12/14/11
2009Oxadative Cleavage of Diverse Ethers by an Extracellular fungal Peroxygenase02/09/10
2011Physical Pretreatment - Woody Biomass Size Reduction - for Forest Biorefinery09/07/11
2011Pilot trials of hemicelluloses extraction prior to thermomechanical pulp production: Part 107/05/11
2011Proteomic and functional analysis of the Cellulase system Expressed by Postia placenta during Brown Rot of Solid Wood11/25/11
2012Quantitative predictions of bioconversion of aspen by dilute acid and SPORL pretreatments using a unified combined hydrolysis factor (CHF)04/19/12
2011Restructuring the Crystalline Cellulose Hydrogen Bond Network Enhances Its Depolymerization Rate09/07/11
2012Rheological modification of corn stover biomass at high solids concentrations10/05/12
2011Rheology and extrusion of high-solids biomass07/05/11
2009Rheology measurements of a biomass slurry: an inter-laboratory study05/17/10
2011Rheology of concentrated biomass10/05/12
2009Rheology of Dilute Acid Hydrolyzed Corn Stover at High Solids Concentration05/17/10
2009Robust And Efficient Enzymatic Saccharification Of Softwoods By Sporl10/22/10
2010Robust cellulosic ethanol production from SPORL-pretreated lodgepole pine using an adapted strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae without detoxification08/23/10
2011Scale-up study of oxalic acid pretreatment of agricultural lignocellulosic biomass for the production of bioethanol11/08/11
2009Specific surface to evaluate the efficiencies of milling and pretreatment of wood for enzymatic saccharification10/06/09
2009State of the Art in Biorefinery in Finland and the United States, 200807/21/09
2009Sulfite pretreatment (SPORL) for robust enzymatic saccharification of spruce and red pine10/15/10
2009Sulfite pretreatment to overcome recalcitrance of lignocellulose (SPORL) for robust enzymatic saccharification of hardwoods10/06/09
2011The effect of high intensity mixing on the enzymatic hydrolysis of concentrated cellulose fiber suspensions09/23/11
2009Visualization of enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose using AFM phase imaging10/06/09
2010Woody biomass pretreatment for cellulosic ethanol production: Technology and energy consumption evaluation07/15/10

Project Summaries last modified: 06-22-2011