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Fiber and Chemical Sciences Research

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Publications associated with this Project

Publication YearTitleDate Posted
2007Acid Prehydrolysis of Wood07/15/10
2011An update on sulfite pretreatment (SPORL) of lignocellulosic biomass for effective production of cellulose ethanol09/09/11
2012Chapter 15: Forest Trees10/24/12
2010Comparative study of SPORL and dilute-acid pretreatments of spruce for cellulosic ethanol production07/15/10
2011Comparisons of SPORL and dilute acid pretreatments for sugar and ethanol productions from aspen05/16/11
2012Conceptual net energy output for biofuel production from lignocellulosic biomass through biorefining06/11/12
2011Dilute Acid Pretreatment of Corncob for Efficient Sugar Production05/02/11
2011Effects of drying-induced fiber hornification on enzymatic saccharification of lignocelluloses06/10/11
2010Effects of Lignin-Metal Complexation on Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Cellulose07/15/10
2011Effects of wet-pressing-induced fiber hornification on enzymatic saccharification of lignocelluloses07/29/11
2011Efficient ethanol production from beetle-killed lodgepole pine using SPORL technology and Saccharomyces cerevisiae without detoxification07/05/11
2010Eliminating inhibition of enzymatic hydrolysis by lignosulfonate in unwashed sulfite-pretreated aspen using metal salts11/15/10
2008Enhanced enzymatic hydrolysis of spruce by alkaline pretreatment at low temperature10/15/10
2011Enzymatic hydrolysis of biomass: Effects of crystallinity, particle size, and lignin removal09/07/11
2012Ethanol production from poplar wood through enzymatic saccharification and fermentation by dilute acid and SPORL pretreatments03/14/12
2010Ethanol production from SPORL-pretreated lodgepole pine: preliminary evaluation of mass balance and process energy efficiency07/15/10
2011Evaluation of a Value Prior to Pulping-thermomechanical pulp business concept: Part 207/12/11
2011Evaluation of Ethanol Production from Corncob Using Scheffersomyces (Pichia) stipitis CBS 6054 by Volumetric Scale-up11/16/11
2012Evaluations of cellulose accessibilities of lignocelluloses by solute exclusion and protein adsorption techniques12/20/11
2011High titer ethanol production from simultaneous enzymatic saccharification and fermentation of aspen at high solids: A comparison between SPORL and dilute acid pretreatments11/16/11
2011In Situ, Rapid, and Temporally Resolved Measurements of Cellulase Adsorption onto Lignocellulosic Substrates by UV-vis Spectrophotometry01/23/11
2008Integrated biomass technologies: future vision for optimally using wood and biomass10/15/10
2012Kinetics of adsorption, desorption, and readsorption of a commercial endoglucanase in lignocellulosic suspensions07/03/12
2010Laccase and Its Role in Production of Extracellular Reactive Oxygen Species during Wood Decay by the Brown Rot Basidiomycete Postia placenta05/17/10
2007New insights into the ligninolytic capability of a wood decay ascomycete10/15/10
2010On energy consumption for size-reduction and yields from subsequent enzymatic saccharification of pretreated lodgepole pine07/15/10
2011On Polydispersity of Plant Biomass Recalcitrance and Its Effects on Pretreatment Optimization for Sugar Production09/07/11
2011Opportunities for the Forest Products Industries12/14/11
2009Oxadative Cleavage of Diverse Ethers by an Extracellular fungal Peroxygenase02/09/10
2011Physical Pretreatment - Woody Biomass Size Reduction - for Forest Biorefinery09/07/11
2011Pilot trials of hemicelluloses extraction prior to thermomechanical pulp production: Part 107/05/11
2011Proteomic and functional analysis of the Cellulase system Expressed by Postia placenta during Brown Rot of Solid Wood11/25/11
2012Quantitative predictions of bioconversion of aspen by dilute acid and SPORL pretreatments using a unified combined hydrolysis factor (CHF)04/19/12
2011Restructuring the Crystalline Cellulose Hydrogen Bond Network Enhances Its Depolymerization Rate09/07/11
2012Rheological modification of corn stover biomass at high solids concentrations10/05/12
2011Rheology and extrusion of high-solids biomass07/05/11
2009Rheology measurements of a biomass slurry: an inter-laboratory study05/17/10
2011Rheology of concentrated biomass10/05/12
2009Rheology of Dilute Acid Hydrolyzed Corn Stover at High Solids Concentration05/17/10
2009Robust And Efficient Enzymatic Saccharification Of Softwoods By Sporl10/22/10
2010Robust cellulosic ethanol production from SPORL-pretreated lodgepole pine using an adapted strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae without detoxification08/23/10
2011Scale-up study of oxalic acid pretreatment of agricultural lignocellulosic biomass for the production of bioethanol11/08/11
2009Specific surface to evaluate the efficiencies of milling and pretreatment of wood for enzymatic saccharification10/06/09
2009State of the Art in Biorefinery in Finland and the United States, 200807/21/09
2009Sulfite pretreatment (SPORL) for robust enzymatic saccharification of spruce and red pine10/15/10
2009Sulfite pretreatment to overcome recalcitrance of lignocellulose (SPORL) for robust enzymatic saccharification of hardwoods10/06/09
2011The effect of high intensity mixing on the enzymatic hydrolysis of concentrated cellulose fiber suspensions09/23/11
2009Visualization of enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose using AFM phase imaging10/06/09
2010Woody biomass pretreatment for cellulosic ethanol production: Technology and energy consumption evaluation07/15/10

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