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Forest Biopolymer Science and Engineering

Project Title :  Surface chemistry of wood composites
Project Number : FPL-4707-3
Start Date : 07-26-2004
End Date : 07-26-2009
Gregory SchuenemanPrincipal Investigator:
Gregory Schueneman

Non Technical Summary
Inadequate understanding of the surface chemistry of wood and the mechanism by which other materials bond to wood impedes the development of advanced wood based composites. Rapid change in the consumer products sector is opening opportunities for new wood-based composites for many non-wood uses as well as traditional wood uses. These changes are also providing increased opportunities to use small diameter logs, recycled wood, residues, thinnings, and non-traditional species.

Objectives Summary
To define the physical and chemical surface properties of wood and wood fiber, modify these properties, and develop new generations of high-performance wood/non-wood based composites

Approach Summary
Studies will elucidate the complex chemical structure of wood/non wood interphases and processes will be developed to modify the chemistry of the wood fiber surface to achieve better bonding between wood and non wood materials. The surface properties critical to good bonding include the nature and surface distribution of acid base sites, and the influence of extractives and hemicelluloses on the surface morphology, and reactivity of wood fiber and other related lignocellulosic materials. A better understanding of the surface chemistry of lignocellulosic materials will make it possible to target specific end uses for advanced composites.

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