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Forest Biopolymer Science and Engineering

Project Title :  Cell Wall Science & Technology
Project Number : FPL-4707-2B
Status : NEW
Start Date : 10-01-2012
End Date : 09-30-2019

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Charles R. FrihartPrincipal Investigator:
Charles R. Frihart

Non Technical Summary
Comprehend key chemical and structural aspects of the cell wall so that forest products utilization can be increased and improved for traditional and non-traditional uses. The overall goal is to establish a better understanding of the chemistry of the cell wall and how the cell wall polymers are spatially arranged with respect to each other at the molecular level, as well as the nanoscale level.

Objectives Summary
The focus of this problem is to bridge the fundamental understanding of wood cell wall chemistry, biology, and mechanics with novel and applied technologies involving wood cell walls. The fundamental aspects of the cell wall that we learn will be a foundation on which all developed technologies can be built upon. Aspects will include research surrounding cell wall ultrastructure and architecture on a micron-scale, nano-scale, and Ångstrom-scale. The components of this area include: (1) characterizing cell wall polymers in native wood and modified wood; (2) establishing more accurate wood cell wall models; (3) understanding structure-property relationships via water/solvent/component inter-diffusion and infiltration in the matrix; (4) improving the cell wall properties (physical, mechanical, biological degradation, fire resistance, etc.); (5) utilizing cell wall polymers from trees and plants for bio-resins and bio-energy.

Approach Summary
Widely varied.

Publications associated with this Project

Publication YearTitleDate Posted
2014A Highly Diastereoselective Oxidant Contributes to Ligninolysis by the White Rot Basidiomycete Ceriporiopsis subvermispora10/01/14
2016A solution thermodynamics definition of the fiber saturation point and the derivation of a wood-water phase (state) diagram10/04/16
2014Accounting for structural compliance in nanoindentation measurements of bioceramic bone scaffolds08/14/14
2018Acetylation increases relative humidity threshold for ion transport in wood cell walls a means to understanding decay resistance11/13/18
2016Acridine Orange Indicates Early Oxidation of Wood Cell Walls by Fungi09/07/16
2017Advanced analysis tools and programs to accelerate the adoption of more natural structures10/06/17
2018Analysis of adhesive penetration into wood using nano-x-ray computed tomography08/09/18
2016Bondability of ip (Tabebuia spp.) wood using ambient-curing exterior wood adhesives03/08/17
2016Cell wall domain and moisture content influence southern pineelectrical conductivity09/15/16
2012Chapter 16 Lumen Modification11/08/12
2014Chapter 16: Soy Proteins as Wood Adhesives03/25/14
2012Chapter 3 Cell Wall Chemistry11/08/12
2013Chapter 8:Surface Characterization01/03/13
2020Characterization of wood chemical changes caused by pyrolysis during flaming combustion using x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy09/22/20
2018Characterizing lignin in a fungus-cultivating termite09/18/18
2016Characterizing phenolformaldehyde adhesive cure chemistry within the wood cell wall07/13/16
2014Chemical Changes during Anaerobic Decomposition of Hardwood, Softwood, and Old Newsprint under Mesophilic and Thermophilic Conditions09/16/14
2013Color and surface chemistry changes of extracted wood flour after heating at 120 C02/24/14
2014Color and Surface Chemistry Changes of Pine Wood Flour after Extraction and Delignification08/04/14
2019Copper distribution and oxidation states near corroded fasteners in treated wood04/12/19
2016Corrosion of metals in treated wood examined by synchrotron based xanes and XFM10/04/16
2016Directed plant cell-wall accumulation of iron: embedding co-catalyst for efficient biomass conversion10/06/17
2016Distribution and oxidation state of copper in the cell walls of treated wood examined by synchrotron based XANES and XFM03/27/17
2017Effect of weight percent gain and experimental method on fiber saturation point of acetylated wood determined by differential scanning calorimetry07/17/18
2019Effects of Moisture on Diffusion in Unmodified Wood Cell Walls: A Phenomenological Polymer Science Approach03/16/20
2013Elucidating How Wood Adhesives Bond to Wood Cell Walls using High-Resolution Solution-State NMR Spectroscopy10/22/13
2015Estimating the spread rate of urea formaldehyde adhesive on birch (Betula pendula Roth) veneer using fluorescence04/01/15
2018Fungal lignin peroxidase does not produce the veratryl alcohol cation radical as a diffusible ligninolytic oxidant07/26/18
2018Fungalcopper interactions in wood examined with large field of view synchrotron-based X-ray fluorescence microscopy07/26/18
2013How wood adhesives work and where are the areas for improvement09/08/14
2017Influence of hot water extraction on cell wall and OSB strand mechanics08/31/18
2016Informing the improvement of forest products durability using small angle neutron scattering10/04/16
2017Integrating multi-scale studies of adhesive penetration into wood07/17/18
2018Integrating multiscale studies of adhesive penetration into wood11/01/19
2014Lignin fate and characterization during ionic liquid biomass pretreatment for renewable chemicals and fuels production05/01/14
2013Lignin-based Phenol-Formaldehyde Resins from Purified CO2 Precipitated Kraft lignin (PCO2KL)10/17/14
2013Lignin-based Phenol-Formalehyde Resins from Purified CO2 Precipitated Kraft Lignin (PCO2KL)09/26/14
2014Many Roles of Wood Adhesives09/17/14
2020Measurement of moisture-dependent ion diffusion constants in wood cell wall layers using time-lapse micro X-ray fluorescence microscopy08/21/20
2012Mechanical Characterization of Wood-Adhesive Interphase with an Improved Nanoindentation Technique08/26/13
2019Mechanism for diffusion through secondary cell walls in lignocellulosic biomass09/26/19
2013Mechanism of Transport Through Wood Cell Wall Polymers12/31/13
2014Moisture Performance of wood-plastic composites reinforced with extracted and delignified wood flour09/16/14
2020Multifaceted approach for determining the absolute values for lignin subunits in lignocellulosic materials09/10/20
2012Nanoscale Infrared Spectroscopy of Biopolymeric Materials09/30/13
2020Nanostructural analysis of enzymatic and non-enzymatic brown rot fungal deconstruction of the lignocellulose cell wall08/14/20
2017Neutron scattering studies of nano-scale wood-water interactions04/10/18
2013New Syncrotron-Based Technique to Map Adhesive Infiltration in Wood Cell Walls08/15/13
2019On the experimental assessment of the molecular-scale interactions between wood and water09/26/19
2017Penetration of n-hexadecane and water into wood under conditions simulating catastrophic floods10/06/17
2016Phenol-formaldehyde reactivity with lignin in the wood cell wall10/04/16
2013Plant-based torsional actuator with memory08/26/13
2019Quantifying cellulose accessibility during enzyme-mediated deconstruction using 2 fluorescence-tagged carbohydrate-binding modules03/11/20
2017Rapid and near-complete dissolution of wood lignin at ?80C by a recyclable acid hydrotrope09/27/17
2015Regulation of Gene Expression during the Onset of Ligninolytic Oxidation by Phanerochaete chrysosporium on Spruce Wood12/15/15
2016Simultaneous bond degradation and bond formation during phenol-formaldehyde curing with wood10/04/16
2017Small angle neutron scattering as a tool to evaluate moisture-induced swelling in the nanostructure of chemically modified wood cell walls04/10/18
2017Small-angle neutron scattering as a new tool to evaluate moisture-induced swelling in the nanostructure of chemically modified wood cell walls10/02/19
2017Solution-state NMR analysis of hydroxymethylated resorcinol cured in the presence of crude milled-wood lignin from Acer saccharum09/19/17
2013Spatial mapping of extracellular oxidant production by a white rot basidiomycete on wood reveals details of ligninolytic mechanism05/14/13
2016Structureproperty characterization of the crinkle-leaf peach wood phenotype:a future model system for wood properties research?10/05/17
2015Subcellular Electrical Measurements as a Function of Wood Moisture Content06/19/15
2017Synchrotron-based X-ray fluorescence microscopy enables multiscale spatial visualization of ions involved in fungal lignocellulose deconstruction03/01/17
2016Techniques for characterizing lignin09/22/16
2014Thermal behavior of extracted and delignified pine wood flour08/04/14
2013Thermal Properties of Extracted and Delignified Wood Flour for use in Wood-Plastic Composites09/20/13
2015Threshold for ion movements in wood cell walls below fiber saturation observed by X-ray fluorescence microscopy (XFM)05/27/15
2018Understanding wood bondsgoing beyond what meets the eye: a critical review03/06/19
2019Using x-ray scattering to elucidate the mechanisms behind the moisture and fungal decay resistance of epoxybutene modified wood08/30/19
2012Variation of Hardness and Modulus across thickness of Zr-Cu-Al Metallic Glass Ribbons05/14/13
2017Variation of nanostructures, molecular interactions, and anisotropic elastic moduli of lignocellulosic cell walls with moisture10/06/17
2016Weathering characteristics of wood plastic composites reinforced with extracted or delignified wood flour09/22/16
2015Weathering Performance of Wood Coated with a Combination of Alkoxysilanes and Rutile TiO2 Heirarchical Nanostructures09/15/15
2014Wood as inspiration for new stimuli-responsive structures and materials05/14/14
2014Wood as Polar Size Exclusion Chromatography Media: Implications to Adhesive Performance07/21/14
2015Wood as Polar Size Exclusion Chromatography Media: Implications to Adhesive Performance04/01/15
2019Wood moisture-induced swelling at the cellular scaleAb Intra08/21/20
2018X-ray methods to observe and quantify adhesive penetration into wood09/27/18

Project Summaries last modified: 08-22-2018