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Forest Biopolymer Science and Engineering

Project Title :  Chemical modification of wood for improved water repellency
Project Number : FPL-4707-2
Start Date : 07-26-2004
End Date : 07-26-2009
Gregory SchuenemanPrincipal Investigator:
Gregory Schueneman

Non Technical Summary
Lack of understanding of the surface interactions between water and wood or other lignocellulosic materials limits their use in many traditional and new applications. By understanding the nature of the wood surface (the morphology, the dispersive and polar components of the surface energy of wood, surface charges and effect of pH on surface chemistry), and ways to manipulate the surface, more water resistant materials can be developed.

Objectives Summary
To develop basic information of the effects of pH, anions and cations contained in the water, their interaction with extractives, effects of wood anatomy, and the polar and dispersive nature of the surface energy of wood, new wood products, and product for use on wood and wood-based materials.

Approach Summary
Research will concentrate on the basic surface properties of wood and wood based materials as they relate to interaction with liquids and solutions. The important factors that influence solid/liquid or solid/gas interactions (such as surface chemistry and morphology, age, origin, conditions after green state, species, etc.) will be determined. The effectiveness of subsequent processing depends on surface characteristics. Research will include a broad program using different wood based materials and will determine their surface properties, such as chemical structure, morphology, surface energy, surface charge, surface area, and the effects of physical and chemical modification of these surface properties on their interaction with contaminants in water.

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