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Engineered Composites Science

Project Title :  Fundamental relationships of composites
Project Number : FPL-4706-1A
Start Date : 08-24-2007
End Date : 08-23-2012

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Zhiyong CaiPrincipal Investigator:
Zhiyong Cai

Non Technical Summary
Composites provide the toll for sustainable development for both forest resources and forest-based economies because of their adaptability to a diverse array of dissimilar and widely variable resources and because of their potential allow materials engineers to add the most value and performance over a wide array of uses/products. National Forest timber and other public and private fiber resources of the future will be a different mix and quality than traditional past resources. Utilization research on composite materials can help to justify and provide a return for removal of the present biomass buildup, and it can contribute to rural health and jobs. Engineered composites assembled from small pieces of wood or woody-like material provide technology that is more adaptable to a changing resource base. These products can incorporate a variety of wood and wood-based raw materials in the form of fibers, particles, flakes, strands, and veneers. Engineered composites can also be made with raw materials that are recycled.

Objectives Summary
Understand the fundamental relationships between wood-, natural-fiber- and alternative materials and use this knowledge to optimize composite processing and performance.

Approach Summary
Todays composites incorporate a variety of wood or woody-based raw materials in the form of fibers, particles, flakes, strands, veneers, even dimension lumber, and other composite panel products. These raw materials have traditionally been tailored to meet very specific dimensional requirements for use in sheet, board, panel, and lumber products. In the future, the raw material will come from a variety of species (including hardwoods) and other biomass forms and will have more variability than exists today. Also, alternative sources of raw materials from recycling and recovery operations will be included in the material mix. Such material is diverse, usually exists in a variety of different forms, and can contain contaminants that can have a significant impact on the processing and performance of alternative composites. The goals of this research are include the development of correlations between raw material influences, composite design, the physical properties of the constituent biomass components, adhesive bonding mechanisms, and the manipulative variables of product fabrication.

Publications associated with this Project

Publication YearTitleDate Posted
2008A new method of determining moisture gradient in wood10/15/10
2012A novel sample preparation method to avoid influence of embedding medium during nano-indentation10/05/12
2010A single cell model for pretreatment of wood by microwave explosion08/16/10
2010An Approach to Model Resin Flow through Swelling Porous Media made of Natural Fibers09/19/10
2011An experimental study on crack propagation in green composites made from cellulose nanofibers and epoxy09/27/11
2011An experimental study on swelling of cellulose nano-fiber films in epoxy resins and water09/27/11
2009Cantilever beam static bending and vibration test apparatus developed for thin composite products11/30/10
2009Cantilever-Beam Dynamic Modulus for Thin Fiberboard Composite Products: Part 2 Property Comparison with Bending Modulus05/02/11
2008Cantilever-beam dynamic modulus for wood composite products. Part 1, apparatus10/15/10
2007Characterization of weathered wood-plastic composite surfaces using FTIR spectroscopy, contact angle, and XPS10/15/10
2012Chemical Modification of Soy Flour Protein and its Properties09/26/12
2010Composites from wood and plastics07/15/10
2012Cone Calorimeter evaluation of untreated and FRT wood composites for floor applications09/04/12
2011Development of the metrology and imaging of celllulose nanocrystals03/21/11
2011Effect of oxalic acid and steam pretreatment on the primary properties of UF-bonded rice straw particleboards04/13/11
2008Effects of fiber processing on properties of fiber and fiberboard made from lodgepole pine treetops10/15/10
2011Effects of Heat Treatment on Some Physical Properties of Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga Menziesii) Wood04/13/11
2009Effects of press sizes on internal steam pressure during particleboard hot-pressing process06/26/09
2010Evaluating Warp of 2 by 4s Sawn from Panels Produced through Green Gluing Dimension Lumber from Small Ponderosa Pine Logs07/15/10
2008Fiberboard bending properties as a function of density, thickness, resin, and moisture content10/15/10
2011Fire performance testing of WPCs at the Forest Products Laboratory10/04/11
2008Improving the color stability of wood-plastic composites through fiber pre-treatment10/15/10
2011Integrated production of nano-fibrillated cellulose and cellulosic biofuel (ethanol) by enzymatic fractionation of wood fibers06/06/11
2009Issues and Concepts for Making Durable Composites05/17/10
2010Microcellular processing of polylactide-hyperbranched polyester-nanoclay composites12/16/10
2012Miscibility and thermal behavior of poly (ε-caprolactone)/long-chain ester of cellulose blends09/21/12
2010Processing and characterization of solid and microcellular PHBV/PBAT blend and its RWF/nanoclay composites12/16/10
2009Raman Analysis and Maping of Cellulose nanocrystal Polypropylene Composite08/19/09
2008Raw Materials For Wood-Polymer Composites10/06/10
2011Recent activities in flame retardancy of wood-plastic composites at the Forest Products Laboratory10/23/11
2012The pyrolysis characteristics of moso bamboo09/27/12
2008Theoretical thermal conductivity equation for uniform density wood cells10/15/10
2010Wood Handbook, Chapter 11: Wood-Based Composite Materials-Panel Products- Glued-Laminated Timber, Structural Composite Lumber, and Wood-Nonwood Composite Materials06/21/10
2010Wood Handbook, Chapter 12: Mechanical Properties of Wood-Based Composite Materials06/21/10

Project Summaries last modified: 06-20-2011