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Current Research Projects

Below are the 39 Research Projects currently underway at FPL.

Project NameStart DateEnd DateProject NumberPrincipal Investigator
Advancement of the Science and use of Cellulose Nano-Materials 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4709-2BRudie, Alan W.
Analyze and project the impact of potential changes in market structure, technology , and policy on U.S. timber markets and forest managemen 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4851-3BSkog, Kenneth E.
Assessment of impacts of disturbance agents on forest health and forest-derived products 08-31-201508-30-2020FPL-4715-1Eberhardt, Thomas L.
Bioconversion of wood sugars to fuels and other chemicals 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4712-1BCrooks, M.E. Casey
Cell Wall Science & Technology 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4707-2BFrihart, Charles R.
Develop baseline information on the fundamental anatomical, physical, mechanical, and processing characteristics of wood 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4714-1BKretschmann, David E.
Develop information on structural wood systems, specifically systems and energy performance and design 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4714-3BRammer, Douglas R.
Develop information on the engineering properties and performance of wood based structural products 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4714-2BWang, Xiping
Develop information on the relationships between moisture, energy efficiency & durability in residential and non-residential wood buildings 01-23-201501-22-2020FPL-4716-1AZelinka, Samuel L.
Develop technologies & methods to improve the fire performance of wood-based structures and reduce the loss from catastrophic wildland fire 01-23-201501-22-2020FPL-4716-2AZelinka, Samuel L.
Enzymatic and microbial processing of wood and wood fiber to fuels, nanocellulose and other chemicals 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4712-3BKersten, Philip J.
Evaluate forest sector role in sustainable management of natural systems (complementary mission) 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4851-CMBSkog, Kenneth E.
Evaluate the environmental impacts including carbon mitigation benefits of wood-based product production and use in combination with benefit 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4851-7BBergman, Richard
Evaluation of the economic viability of new technologies for converting wood and fiber into new or improved paper and wood products 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4851-6BBilek, Ted
Forest ecosystem restoration dependency on saprotrophic and mycorrhizal fungal communities and the consumption of underutilized biomass reso 08-31-201508-30-2020FPL-4715-2Eberhardt, Thomas L.
Fundamental research on heat and mass transfer in wood products 01-23-201501-22-2020FPL-4716-3AZelinka, Samuel L.
Improve forest management, increasing resource sustainability, increasing recycling, exploring new applications & transferring technologies. 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4706-3BCai, Zhiyong
Improve performance, durability & value of existing composites; develop next generation wood or wood-derived composites. 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4706-2BCai, Zhiyong
Improve statistical modeling of wood, fiber and composite properties, processing and performance 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4851-2BEvans, James W.
Improve understanding on the effect of production trends and technology changes in solidwood and end use industries on product and wood need 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4851-4BMcKeever, David B.
Improved wood treatments and accelerated performance methods for treated wood products 01-23-201501-22-2020FPL-4723-3AClausen, Carol A.
Improved wood treatments that impart durability to treated wood products without adversely impacting the environment 10-01-201209-30-2017FPL-4723-3BClausen, Carol A.
Improving survivability and fire safety of forest products and wood-based structures while reducing the hazardous fuel load 10-01-201209-30-2017FPL-4723-2BClausen, Carol A.
Integrate statistical methods and tools into FPL’s wood utilization and economics research enhancing its quality and increasing its impact 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4851-1BEvans, James W.
Nanoscale Processing and Properties 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4707-3BFrihart, Charles R.
Optimizing lignocellulose-degrading fungi for bioprocessing and bioconversion of wood requires understanding the functional genomics of fung 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4712-4BCullen, Daniel
Oxidative systems of wood decay fungi 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4712-2BHammel, Kenneth E.
Paper and Fiber Physics 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4709-4BConsidine, John M.
Performance-Based Design of Residential and Nonresidential Wood Buildings 10-01-201209-30-2017FPL-4723-1BClausen, Carol A.
Product Performance 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4707-1BFrihart, Charles R.
Provide market information for timber, wood products, and paper products industries for forestry and forest industry strategic planning 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4851-5BHoward, James L.
Public service 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4714-MBRoss, Robert J.
Research and tools to both protect our nation’s forests from invasive fungal species and characterize wood anatomy as needed to protect the 08-31-201508-30-2020FPL-4715-3Eberhardt, Thomas L.
Sharply Targeted Inhibitors to Protect Wood Products in Service and Prevent Economic and Resource Losses that Result from Biodeterioration 10-01-201209-30-2017FPL-4723-4BClausen, Carol A.
Sharply targeted inhibitors to protect wood products in service and prevent economic and resource losses that result from biodeterioration 01-23-201501-22-2020FPL-4723-1AClausen, Carol A.
Termites play dual roles as wood decomposers both benefiting forest health and causing destruction of in-service wood 01-23-201501-22-2020FPL-4723-2AClausen, Carol A.
The Forest Biorefinery 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4709-1BZhu, JunYong
Understand the characteristics and interactions of raw materials and use this knowledge to optimize composite process and performance 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4706-1BCai, Zhiyong
Wood Fiber and Chemical Products 10-01-201209-30-2019FPL-4709-3BAgarwal, Umesh P.