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Featured Technology - Microscopy


fpl Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM/EDX)

SEM provides image resolution exceeding that obtained by optical microscopy. The current microscope can image samples in low vacuum and without the application of metal coatings. It is also equipped with an energy dispersive x-ray analyzer which can be used for image-wise elemental analysis. Our SEM is also capable of imaging natural materials without extensive drying, so that they can be observed in a native state. The laboratory also has optical microscopes for polarized light, phase contrast or fluorescence microscopy.

fpl Transmission Electron Microscopy

Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) offers the possibility of sub-nanometer spatial resolution along with limited imagewise chemical information. The most serious limitations are that specimens must be thin enough that only single electron scattering events are likely--ca. 100 nm or less--and specimens must resist electronic damage.

fpl fpl Nanoindenter

The nanoindenter uses a fine stylus to measure hardness and stiffness of materials at a sub-micrometer scale. The stylus can also be used to create topographical images. These measurements of mechanical properties at a microscopical scale support the development of hardened wood products, more durable adhesives and better composites. In addition it is being used to explore the structure of wood cell walls which is still not completely understood.

fpl fpl Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

This is an extraordinarily versatile tool for 3-dimensional imaging at a resolution which cannot be achieved by light microscopy. Sample preparation for AFM is often easier than for electron microscopy.

fpl Hysitron Triboindenter

Atomic Force Microscope, Optical Microscope and Nanoindenter in one.