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How does it apply?


FPLThese are but some of the examples of how utilization Research and Development (R&D) has been finding cost-effective uses of the low-valued forest biomass that must be removed from the Nation's forests to restore their health and condition. FPL R&D work is focused on creating new, improved technologies to economically use fuel-reduction biomass in bioenergy, solid sawn wood, composites, and wood fiber products needed by the public. Because of the large volumes of material available, specific research projects develop the science, technology, and economic information needed for cost-effective use of small-diameter trees and forest thinnings as a raw material feedstock in the high-volume commodity uses of wood (dimensional lumber, engineered wood, composites, and pulp, paper and paperboard). In addition, research is assessing the potential of using this currently unmerchantable material to provide unique product properties and use as a feedstock in the emerging end use of forest biomass to energy (space heating, industrial process steam production, liquid transportation fuels, syngas, and chemical feedstock). In addition to hazardous fuels reduction, these R&D activities contribute to expanding markets for forest products, providing sustainable benefits to the American public, and restoring, enhancing, and sustaining the Nation's forests.