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How does it apply?

Suppressed-Growth Forest Thinnings for Guardrail Systems and Structural Components

FPL FPL scientists and partners analyzed small-diameter Douglas-fir and ponderosa pine round wood posts to determine possible guardrail system designs to utilize salvaged logs. Two full-scale guardrail systems were constructed and successfully crash tested, demonstrating the feasibility of these materials for strong guard rail posts. FPL has also studied mechanically graded lodgepole pine logs for use in building cable suspension bridges. Results provided two options for determining bending strength properties for design of such structures.

Suppressed-Growth Forest Thinnings for Biocomposites

Engineered wood composites are a classic high-value, large-volume use for small-diameter trees and underutilized species. FPL research has developed new engineered composite products and process technologies to manufacture them. This work has shown that suppressed-growth, small-diameter trees from overstocked fire-prone forests can be used to offset costs associated with hazardous-fuels removals.