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Forest Products Laboratory
One Gifford Pinchot Drive
Madison, WI 53726-2398
Phone: (608) 231-9200
Fax: (608) 231-9592


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Panels Made from Wood and Recycled Fibers Go To Hollywood and Around the World

The 100% sustainable stage set for the 20th Century Fox show “Raising Hope.” John Zachary, 20th Century Fox
The 100% sustainable stage set for the 20th Century Fox show “Raising Hope.” John Zachary, 20th Century Fox
Snapshot: The Forest Service's Forest Products Laboratory is moving sustainable structural panel forming technology from the laboratory to commercial reality. The laboratory is working with Noble Environment Technologies of San Diego through a cooperative research agreement to fabricate panels that are then remanufactured for numerous commercial applications. Success in these arenas has garnered interest around the world, such that a production plant is being built in Serbia.

As a result of fundamental research to better understand improved performance of structural panels from cellulosic fibers, the Forest Service's Forest Products Laboratory is now transferring this concept to commercial reality through technology transfer efforts. The process naturally bonds fibers from wood, forest residuals, agricultural fibers, and recycled paper (after minimal processing) and then wet-forms and hot-presses them into flat or three-dimensional structural panels. Currently, the panels are being made at the Forest Products Laboratory and then shipped to Noble Environment Technologies for fabrication into numerous commercial trial applications. One such application is the first 100 percent sustainable studio set for 20th Century Fox's critically acclaimed comedy series Raising Hope. Forty-five of the company's patented ECOR panels were used to create a modern hotel suite for a two-part episode of the comedy. All of the panel sections, walls and ceiling soffits were custom built in San Diego based on designs provided by the show and delivered to Los Angeles. ECOR is a recycled, lightweight panel product that is strong and as little as one-fourth the weight of conventional wood product panels. It is 100 percent USDA certified bio-based and made with 100 percent cellulose fibers that may include post consumer paper, forest wood and agricultural raw material sources. ECOR is naturally bonded and contains no other toxic additives or adhesives.
Princpal Investigator(s):
 Hunt, John F.

Research Location:
  • Forest Products Laboratory, Madison, WI

External Partners:
  • Noble Environmental Technologies

Fiscal Year: 2013
Highlight ID: 451
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