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Forest Products Laboratory
One Gifford Pinchot Drive
Madison, WI 53726-2398
Phone: (608) 231-9200
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Forensics - Using the world's largest collection of wood specimens, experts at FPL aid in criminal and other investigations.

laetiporus sulphureus Mycology - FPL is the home of the world's largest forest fungi collection. Utilizing specific organisms from the collection allows breakthrough research, such as biological pulping, which reduces pulping energy requirements by 30%.

Saving large trees - Truss-frame construction is one of the major accomplishments that greatly affects forest management. Truss-framing allows for the use of small lumber rather than large lumber, thus taking some of the pressure off the use of large old-growth timber.

trussframeRecycled fibers - Based on fundamental research on recycled fibers, papermaking, and container design, it is technically possible to make usable corrugated containers out of 100% recycled fiber, thus greatly extending our forest resource.

Saving the resource - FPL Spaceboard is a totally new type of fiberboard with unique strength properties. It can be made from recycled fibers or high yield pulps thus conserving the forest resource.