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Title: Evaluating Warp of 2 by 4s Sawn from Panels Produced through Green Gluing Dimension Lumber from Small Ponderosa Pine Logs

Source: Forest Prod. J. 60(1):57-63. 2010

Author(s)Bergman, Richard D.; Simpson, William T.; Turk, Christopher

Publication Year: 2010  View PDF »

Category: Journal Articles
Associated Research Project(s):   FPL-4706-1A  FPL-4851-MA

Abstract: Overstocked small-diameter softwood timber in western US forests has created a serious forest health and fire hazard, and the costs of removing this material are high. One way to lower costs is to reduce loss because of warp on lumber sawn from these small logs. Using a green-gluing process, standard 38 by 89-mm (nominal 2 by 4-in.) pieces (2 by 4s) ripped from pressed panels of edge-glued (edge-glued-and-rip [EGAR]) boards sawn from small ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) logs were evaluated for warp reduction. Material was bonded at high moisture content (MC) to simulate lumber freshly sawn from water-saturated logs and examine potentia1 MC effects on wood-woodbonding.

Keywords: Lumber, moisture, wood moisture, adhesives, testing, adhesion, glue, mechanical properties, polyurethanes, laminated wood, wood defects, drying, defects, ponderosa pine, warping, smallwood, small-diameter timber moisture content, Edge-Glue-and-Rip system, EGAR system, green lumber, bondline, gluing, flexibility, failure, wood bonding, durability, planing

Publication Review Process: Formally Refereed

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Date posted: 07/15/2010

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