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Below for the requested publication type are the 52 publications that have been posted within the last 180 calendar days. You may re-sort the listing by: 

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Conference Proceedings16
General Technical Reports4
Journal Articles52
Not Classified3
Research In Progress10
Research Notes1
Research Papers2
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Category: Journal Articles
Title: A Clear, Strong, and Thermally Insulated Transparent Wood for Energy Efficient Windows
Source: Advanced Functional Materials
Author(s) Mi, Ruiyu ; Li, Tian ; Dalgo, Daniel ; Chen, Chaoji ; Kuang, Yudi ; He, Shuaiming ; Zhao, Xinpeng ; Xie, Weiqi ; Gan, Wentao ; Zhu, Junyong ; Srebric, Jelena ; Yang, Ronggui ; Hu, Liangbing
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Acoustic Wave Propagation in Standing Trees – Part 1. Numerical Simulation
Source: Wood and Fiber Science
Author(s) Liu, Fenglu ; Wang, Xiping ; Zhang, Houjiang ; Jiang, Fang ; Yu, Wenhua ; Liang, Shanqing ; Fu, Feng ; Ross, Robert J.
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Assessing internal soundness of hardwood logs through acoustic impact test and waveform analysis
Source: Wood Science and Technology. 53(5): 1111-1134
Author(s) Xu, Feng ; Liu, Yunfei ; Wang, Xiping ; Brashaw, Brian K.; Yeary, Lon A.; Ross, Robert J.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Biodeterioration models for building materials: critical review
Source: Journal of Architectural Engineering. 25(4). 15 p.
Author(s) Lepage, Robert ; Glass, Samuel V; Knowles, Warren ; Mukhopadhyaya, Phalguni
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Bonding performance of adhesive systems for cross-laminated timber treated with micronized copper azole type C (MCA-C)
Source: Construction and Building Materials. 232. 10 p.
Author(s) Lim, Hyungsuk ; Tripathi, Sachin ; Tang, Juliet D.
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Catalytic conversion of Kraft lignin to bio-multilayer graphene materials under different atmospheres
Source: Journal of Materials Science. 53(11): 8020-8029.
Author(s) Yan, Qiangu ; Zhang, Xuefeng ; Li, Jinghao ; Hassan, El Barbary; Wang, Chuji ; Zhang, Jilei ; Cai, Zhiyong
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Catalytic graphitization of kraft lignin to graphene-based structures with four different transitional metals
Source: Journal of Nanoparticle Research. 20(9). 20 p.
Author(s) Yan, Qiangu ; Li, Jinghao ; Zhang, Xuefeng ; Hassan, El Barbary; Wang, Chuji ; Zhang, Jilei ; Cai, Zhiyong
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Cellulose-cyclodextrin co-polymer for the removal of cyanotoxins on water sources
Source: Polymers. 11(12). 19 p.
Author(s) Gomez-Maldonado, Diego ; Vega Erramuspe, Iris Beatriz; Filpponen, Ilari ; Johansson, Leena-Sisko ; Lombardo, Salvatore ; Zhu, Junyong ; Thielemans, Wim ; Peresin, Maria S.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Comparative Study of Direct Compounding, Coupling Agent-Aided and Initiator-Aided Reactive Extrusion to Prepare Cellulose Nanocrystal/PHBV (CNC/PHBV) Nanocomposite
Source: ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering
Author(s) Zheng, Ting ; Clemons, Craig M.; Pilla, Srikanth
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Conceptualizing ecological responses to dam removal: If you remove it, what's to come?
Source: BioScience. 69(1): 26-39.
Author(s) Bellmore, J Ryan; Pess, George ; Duda, Jeffrey ; O’Connor, Jim ; East, Amy ; Foley, Melissa ; Wilcox, Andrew ; Major, Jon ; Shafroth, Patrick ; Morley, Sarah ; Magirl, Christopher ; Anderson, Chauncey ; Evans, James ; Torgersen, Christian ; Craig, laura S.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Corrosiveness of Thermally Modified Wood
Source: Forests
Author(s) Zelinka, Samuel ; Passarini, Leandro ; Matt, Frederick ; Kirker, Grant
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Defensive symbioses in social insects can inform human health and agriculture
Source: Frontiers in Microbiology. Vol. 11. 8 p.
Author(s) Bratburd, Jennifer R.; Arango, Rachel A.; Horn, Heidi A.
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Demethylation of alkali lignin with halogen acids and its application to phenolic resins
Source: Polymers. 11(11). 16 p.
Author(s) Wang, Hao ; Eberhardt, Thomas L.; Wang, Chunpeng ; Gao, Shishuai ; Pan, Hui
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Dispersing and stabilizing cellulose nanoparticles in acrylic resin dispersions with unreduced transparency and changed rheological property
Source: Cellulose. 25(4): 2435-2450.
Author(s) Du, Lanxing ; Zhong, Tuhua ; Wolcott, Michael P.; Zhang, Yang ; Qi, Chusheng ; Zhao, Boshi ; Wang, Jinwu ; Yu, Zhiming
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Dissolution of less-processed wood fibers without bleaching in an ionic liquid: effect of lignin condensation on wood component dissolution
Source: International Journal of Biological Macromolecules. 134: 740-748.
Author(s) Wang, Huihui ; Hirth, Kolby ; Zhu, Junjun ; Ma, Qianli ; Liu, Chuanfu ; Zhu, J.Y.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Effect of Acaromyces Ingoldii Secondary Metabolites on the Growth of Brown-Rot ( Gloeophyllum Trabeum ) and White-Rot ( Trametes Versicolor ) Fungi
Source: Mycobiology
Author(s) Olatinwo, Rabiu ; So, Chi-Leung ; Eberhardt, Thomas L.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Effect of pulper consistency on stickies size distribution
Source: TAPPI Journal. 17(8): 461-468.
Author(s) Doshi, Mahendra ; Aziz, Salman ; De Jong, Robert ; Houtman, Carl
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Effects of Moisture on Diffusion in Unmodified Wood Cell Walls: A Phenomenological Polymer Science Approach
Source: Forests
Author(s) Jakes, Joseph E.; Hunt, Christopher G.; Zelinka, Samuel L.; Ciesielski, Peter N.; Plaza, Nayomi Z.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Effects of wood moisture content and the level of acetylation on brown rot decay
Source: Forests. 11(3): 299
Author(s) Zelinka, Samuel L.; Kirker, Grant T.; Bishell, Amy B.; Glass, Samuel V
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Evaluation of modulus of elasticity and modulus of rupture of full-size wood composite panels supported on two nodal-lines using a vibration technique
Source: Construction and Building Materials. 218: 64-72
Author(s) Guan, Cheng ; Liu, Jinhao ; Zhang, Houjiang ; Wang, Xiping ; Zhou, Lujing
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Evolution of substrate-specific gene expression and RNA editing in brown rot wood-decaying fungi
Source: The ISME Journal. 13(6): 1391-1403.
Author(s) Wu, Baojun ; Gaskell, Jill ; Zhang, Jiwei ; Toapanta, Christina ; Ahrendt, Steven ; Grigoriev, Igor V; Blanchette, Robert A.; Schilling, Jonathan S.; Master, Emma ; Cullen, Daniel ; Hibbett, David S.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Facile fabrication of 100% bio-based and degradable ternary cellulose/PHBV/PLA composites
Source: Materials. 11(2). 14 p.
Author(s) Qiang, Tao ; Wang, Jinwu ; Wolcott, Michael
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Freeze dried cellulose nanocrystal reinforced unsaturated polyester composites: challenges and potential
Source: Cellulose. 26(7): 4391-4403.
Author(s) DiLoreto, Edward ; Haque, Ejaz ; Berman, Arielle ; Moon, Robert J.; Kalaitzidou, Kyriaki
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Functionalized Cellulose Nanocrystals: A Potential Fire Retardant for Polymer Composites
Source: Polymers. 11(8). 7 p.
Author(s) Bajwa, Dilpreet ; Rehovsky, Chad ; Shojaeiarani, Jamileh ; Stark, Nicole ; Bajwa, Sreekala ; Dietenberger, Mark A.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Green esterification: a new approach to improve thermal and mechanical properties of poly(lactic acid) composites reinforced by cellulose nanocrystals
Source: Journal of Applied Polymer Science. 135(27). 8 p.
Author(s) Shojaeiarani, Jamileh ; Bajwa, Dilpreet S.; Stark, Nicole M.
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Ground-Penetrating Radar Investigation of Salvaged Timber Girders from Bridges Along Route 66 in California
Source: Wood and Fiber Science
Author(s) Wu, Xi ; Senalik, Christopher Adam; Wacker, James P.; Wang, Xiping ; Li, Guanghui
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »

Title: GVL pulping facilitates nanocellulose production from woody biomass
Source: Green Chemistry. 21(19): 5316-5325.
Author(s) Chen, Mingjie ; Ma, Qianli ; Zhu, J. Y.; Martin Alonso, David ; Runge, Troy
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Integrating multiscale studies of adhesive penetration into wood
Source: Forest Products Journal. 68(4): 340-348.
Author(s) Jakes, Joseph E.; Frihart, Charles R.; Hunt, Christopher G.; Yelle, Daniel J.; Plaza, Nayomi Z.; Lorenz, Linda F.; Ching, Daniel J.
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Lightweight alternatives to glass fiber/epoxy sheet molding compound composites: a feasibility study
Source: Journal of Composite Materials. 53(14): 1985-2000.
Author(s) Asadi, Amir ; Baaij, Ferdinand ; Moon, Robert ; Harris, Tequila AL; Kalaitzidou, Kyriaki
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Machine Learning Models with Quantitative Wood Anatomy Data Can Discriminate between Swietenia macrophylla and Swietenia mahagoni
Source: Forests
Author(s) He, Tuo ; Marco, João ; Soares, Richard ; Yin, Yafang ; Wiedenhoeft, Alex
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Object detection of ground-penetrating radar signals using empirical mode decomposition and dynamic time warping
Source: Forests. 11(2): 230
Author(s) Wu, Xi ; Senalik, Christopher Adam; Wacker, James ; Wang, Xiping ; Li, Guanghui
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »

Title: PAST: The Pathway Association Studies Tool to Infer Biological Meaning from GWAS Datasets
Source: Plants
Author(s) Thrash, Adam ; Tang, Juliet D.; DeOrnellis, Mason ; Peterson, Daniel G.; Warburton, Marilyn L.
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Producing conductive graphene–nanocellulose paper in one-pot
Source: Journal of Polymers and the Environment. 27(1): 148-157.
Author(s) Wang, Ruibin ; Ma, Qianli ; Zhang, Huilong ; Ma, Zhengqiang ; Yang, Rendang ; Zhu, J.Y.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Prototyping a passively self-centering cross-laminated timber rocking wall system: analytical and experimental investigation
Source: Wood Design Focus. 28(2): 23-39.
Author(s) Lo Ricco, Marco ; Ghorbanpoor, Al , Dr..; Pei, Shiling , Dr..; Rammer, Doug ; Begel, Marshall; Bridwell, James , J..; Zimmerman, Reid B.
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Quantifying cellulose accessibility during enzyme-mediated deconstruction using 2 fluorescence-tagged carbohydrate-binding modules
Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 116(45): 22545-22551.
Author(s) Novy, Vera ; Aïssa, Kevin ; Nielsen, Fredrik ; Straus, Suzana K.; Ciesielski, Peter ; Hunt, Christopher G.; Saddler, Jack
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Reactions of soy flour and soy protein by non-volatile aldehydes generation by specific oxidation
Source: Polymers. 11(9). 18 p.
Author(s) Frihart, Charles R.; Pizzi, Antonio ; Xi, Xuedong ; Lorenz, Linda F.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Relationship between attenuated total reflectance Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy of western juniper and natural resistance to fungal and termite attack
Source: Holzforschung. 74(3): 246-259.
Author(s) Lipeh, Shahlinney ; Schimleck, Laurence R.; Mankowski, Mark E., E. .; McDonald, Armando G.; Morrell, Jeffrey J.
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Rheological properties of cellulose nanocrystals engineered polylactic acid nanocomposites
Source: Composites Part B: Engineering. 161: 483-489.
Author(s) Shojaeiarani, Jamileh ; Bajwa, Dilpreet S.; Stark, Nicole M.; Bajwa, Sreekala G.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Rigid polyurethane foams containing lignin oxyalkylated with ethylene carbonate and polyethylene glycol
Source: Industrial Crops and Products. 141: 111797.
Author(s) Zhang, Xuefeng ; Kim, Yunsang ; Elsayed, Islam ; Taylor, Madison ; Eberhardt, Thomas L.; Hassan, EI Barbary; Shmulsky, Rubin
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Salt Damage in Wood: Controlled Laboratory Exposures and Mechanical Property Measurements
Source: Wood and Fiber Science
Author(s) Kirker, Grant T.; Brischke, Christian ; Passarini, Leandro ; Zelinka, Samuel L.
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Size distribution analysis of microstickies treated by enzyme mixtures in papermaking whitewater
Source: TAPPI Journal. 18(3): 183-192.
Author(s) Tang, Yanan ; Geng, Shengfang ; Houtman, Carl ; Wu, Shubin
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Small-angle neutron scattering as a new tool to evaluate moisture-induced swelling in the nanostructure of chemically modified wood cell walls
Source: Forest Products Journal. 68(4): 349-352.
Author(s) Plaza, Nayomi Z.; Jakes, Joseph E.; Frihart, Charles R.; Hunt, Christopher G.; Yelle, Daniel J.; Lorenz, Linda F.; Heller, William T.; Pingali, Sai Venkatesh; Stone, Donald S.
Year: 2017   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Structure moisture monitoring of an 8-story mass timber building in the Pacific Northwest
Source: Journal of Architectural Engineering. 25(4). 14 p.
Author(s) Kordziel, Steven ; Pei, Shiling ; Glass, Samuel V; Zelinka, Samuel ; Tabares-Velasco, Paulo Cesar.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Synergistic effect of heartwood extracts in combination with linseed oil as wood preservatives against subterranean termite Heterotermes indicola (Blattodea: Rhinotermitidae)
Source: Environmental Science and Pollution Research. 27(3): 3076-3085.
Author(s) Hassan, Babar ; Ahmed, Sohail ; Kirker, Grant ; Mankowski, Mark E., E. .; Misbah ul Haq, Muhammad
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Techno-economic analysis of forest residue conversion to sugar using three-stage milling as pretreatment
Source: Frontiers in Energy Research. 6. 11 p.
Author(s) Brandt, Kristin L.; Gao, Johnway ; Wang, Jinwu ; Wooley, Robert J.; Wolcott, Michael
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: The foliar endophyte Phialocephala scopiformis DAOMC 229536 proteome when grown on wood used as the sole carbon source
Source: Microbiology Resource Announcements. 8(6). 3 p.
Author(s) Bhatnagar, Jennifer M.; Sabat, Grzegorz ; Cullen, Daniel
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Timber species identification from chemical fingerprints using direct analysis in real time (DART) coupled to Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry (FTICR-MS): comparison of wood samples subjected to different treatments
Source: Holzforschung. 73(11): 975-985.
Author(s) Zhang, Maomao ; Zhao, Guangjie ; Guo, Juan ; Wiedenhoeft, Alex C.; Liu, Charles C.; Yin, Yafang
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Use of time-of-flight ultrasound to measure wave speed in poplar seedlings
Source: Forests. 10(8). 17 p.
Author(s) Liu, Fenglu ; Xu, Pengfei ; Zhang, Houjiang ; Guan, Cheng ; Feng, Dan ; Wang, Xiping
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Valorization of wheat straw using a recyclable hydrotrope at low temperatures (≤90 °C)
Source: ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. 6(11): 14480-14489.
Author(s) Ma, Qianli ; Zhu, Junjun ; Gleisner, Rolland ; Yang, Rendang ; Zhu, J.Y.
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Within-Mill Variation in the Means and Variances of MOE and MOR of Mill-Rul Lumber Over Time
Source: Wood and Fiber Science. 51(4): 387-401.
Author(s) Anderson, Guangmei Cao; Owens, Frank ; Shmulsky, Rubin ; Ross, Robert J.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Wood color changes and termiticidal properties of teak heartwood extract used as a wood preservative
Source: Holzforschung. 74(3): 233-245.
Author(s) Brocco, Victor Fassina; Paes, Juarez Benigno; Costa, Lais Gonçalves da; Kirker, Grant T.; Brazolin, Sérgio
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Wood decay fungi
Source: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd: Chichester. 1-6.
Author(s) Kirker, Grant T.
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »