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Below for the requested publication type are the 32 publications that have been posted within the last 180 calendar days. You may re-sort the listing by: 

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Conference Proceedings11
General Technical Reports3
Journal Articles32
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Category: Journal Articles
Title: Assessing multi-scale deconstruction of wood cell wall subjected to mechanical milling for enhancing enzymatic hydrolysis
Source: Industrial Crops and Products. 109: 498-508.
Author(s) Jiang, Jinxue ; Wang, Jinwu ; Zhang, Xiao ; Wolcott, Michael
Year: 2017   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Bridge Deterioration Quantification Protocol Using UAV
Source: Journal of Bridge Engineering. 23(10): 1-12.
Author(s) Duque, Luis ; Seo, Junwon ; Wacker, James
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Characterization of micronized wood and energy-size relationship in wood comminution
Source: Fuel Processing Technology. 161: 76-84.
Author(s) Jiang, Jinxue ; Wang, Jinwu ; Zhang, Xiao ; Wolcott, Michael
Year: 2017   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Classification of CITES-listed and other neotropical Meliaceae wood images using convolutional neural networks
Source: Plant Methods. 14(1): 790-800.
Author(s) Ravindran, Prabu ; Costa, Adriana ; Soares, Richard ; Wiedenhoeft, Alex C.
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Copper distribution and oxidation states near corroded fasteners in treated wood
Source: SN Applied Sciences. 1(3): 1-10.
Author(s) Zelinka, Samuel L.; Jakes, Joseph E.; Kirker, Grant T.; Passarini, Leandro ; Hunt, Christopher G.; Lai, Barry ; Antipova, Olga ; Li, Luxi ; Vogt, Stefan
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: DNA barcode authentication and library development for the wood of six commercial Pterocarpus species: the critical role of xylarium specimens
Source: Scientific Reports. 8(1): 1-10.
Author(s) Jiao, Lichao ; Yu, Min ; Wiedenhoeft, Alex C.; He, Tuo ; Li, Jianing ; Liu, Bo ; Jiang, Xiaomei ; Yin, Yafang
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Drone-enabled bridge inspection methodology and application
Source: Automation in Construction. 94: 112-126.
Author(s) Seo, Junwon ; Duque, Luis ; Wacker, Jim
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Economic analysis of forest residues supply chain options to produce enhanced-quality feedstocks
Source: Biofuels, Bioproducts and Biorefining. 610-611(1):802-823.
Author(s) Sahoo, Kamalakanta ; Bilek, Edward ; Bergman, Richard ; Kizha, Anil R.; Mani, Sudhagar
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Effect of chitosan on diversity and number of protists in subterranean termites
Source: Proceedings of the American Wood Protection Association. 114: 49-59.
Author(s) Telmadarrehei, Telmah ; Raji, Olanrewaju ; Rezazadeh, Amir ; Jeremic-Nikolic, Dragica ; Tang, Juliet D.
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Evaluating the effect of wood ultrastructural changes from mechanical treatment on kinetics of monomeric sugars and chemicals production in acid bisulfite treatment
Source: Bioresource Technology. 226: 24-30.
Author(s) Liu, Yalan ; Wang, Jinwu ; Wolcott, Michael P.
Year: 2017   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Evaluation of cross-laminated timber resistance to termite attack
Source: Proceedings of the American Wood Protection Association Annual Meeting. 114: 266-271
Author(s) França, T.S.F.A. ; Stokes, C.E. ; Tang, J.D.
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Field application of UAS-based bridge inspection
Source: Journal of the Transportation Research Board. 1-10.
Author(s) Seo, Junwon ; Duque, Luis ; Wacker, James P.
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Indirect effects of bark beetle-generated dead wood on biogeochemical and decomposition processes in a pine forest
Source: Oecologia. 188(4): 1209-1226.
Author(s) Siegert, Courtney M.; Clay, Natalie A.; Tang, Juliet D.; Garrigues, Lisa G.; Riggins, John J.
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Lab-scale structural insulated panels with lignin-incorporated rigid polyurethane foams as core
Source: Industrial Crops and Products. 132: 292-300.
Author(s) Zhang, Xuefeng ; Kim, Yunsang ; Eberhardt, Thomas L.; Shmulsky, Rubin
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Laboratory immersion method for accelerated prediction of preservative leaching from pressure-treated wood exposed to precipitation
Source: Wood and Fiber Science. 51(1): 74-87.
Author(s) Lebow, S ; Lebow, P ; Hirth, K C.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Leveraging GWAS data to identify metabolic pathways and networks involved in maize lipid biosynthesis
Source: The Plant Journal. 38: 1-11.
Author(s) Li, Hui ; Thrash, Adam ; Tang, Juliet D.; He, Linlin ; Yan, Jianbing ; Warburton, Marilyn L.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Low temperature synthesis of graphene-encapsulated copper nanoparticles from kraft lignin
Source: Materials Letters. 185: 131-134.
Author(s) Leng, Weiqi ; Barnes, H. Michael; Yan, Qiangu ; Cai, Zhiyong ; Zhang, Jilei
Year: 2016   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Myth versus reality: do parabolic sorption isotherm models reflect actual wood–water thermodynamics?
Source: Wood Science and Technology. 52(6): 1701-1706.
Author(s) Zelinka, Samuel L.; Glass, Samuel V; Thybring, Emil Engelund.
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Potential field-deployable NIRS identification of seven Dalbergia species listed by CITES
Source: Wood Science and Technology. 52(5): 1411-1427.
Author(s) Snel, Filipe A.; Braga, Jez W. B.; da Silva, Diego ; Wiedenhoeft, Alex C.; Costa, Adriana ; Soares, Richard ; Coradin, Vera T. R.; Pastore, Tereza C. M.
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Production of high lignin-containing and lignin-free cellulose nanocrystals from wood
Source: Cellulose. 25(10): 5791-5805.
Author(s) Agarwal, Umesh P.; Ralph, Sally A.; Reiner, Richard S.; Hunt, Christopher G.; Baez, Carlos ; Ibach, Rebecca ; Hirth, Kolby C.
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Projected Market Competition for Wood Biomass between Traditional Products and Energy: A Simulated Interaction of US Regional, National, and Global Forest Product Markets
Source: Forest Science
Author(s) Nepal, Prakash ; Abt, Karen ; Skog, Kenneth ; Prestemon, Jeffrey ; Abt, Robert C.
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Relative humidity versus moisture content relationship for several commercial wood species and its potential effect on flame spread
Source: Fire and Materials. 43(4): 365-372.
Author(s) Hasburgh, Laura E.; Craft, Steven T.; Van Zeeland, Ineke ; Zelinka, Samuel L.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Reliability of acoustic tomography and ground-penetrating radar for tree decay detection
Source: Applications in Plant Sciences. 6(10). 8 p.
Author(s) Wu, Xi ; Li, Guanghui ; Jiao, Zhi ; Wang, Xiping
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Social media use in the wood products industry: Impact on the consumer purchasing process
Source: BioProducts Business. 4(3): 27-40.
Author(s) Montague, Iris B.; Gazal, Kathryn Arano; Wiedenbeck, Janice K.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Specific oxidants improve the wood bonding strength of soy and other plant flours
Source: Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry. 57(9): 1017-1023.
Author(s) Frihart, Charles R.; Lorenz, Linda F.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Synthesis of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Applications for Infrastructures
Source: Journal of Performance of Constructed Facilities. 32(4): 1-10.
Author(s) Duque, Luis ; Seo, Junwon ; Wacker, James
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Systematic experimental investigation to support the development of seismic performance factors for cross laminated timber shear wall systems
Source: Engineering Structures. 172: 392-404.
Author(s) Amini, M. Omar; van de Lindt, John W.; Rammer, Douglas ; Pei, Shiling ; Line, Philip ; Popovski, Marjan
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Techno-economic and environmental assessments of storing woodchips and pellets for bioenergy applications
Source: Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 98: 27-39.
Author(s) Sahoo, Kamalakanta ; Bilek, E.M. (Ted); Mani, Sudhagar
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: The parallel exponential kinetics model is unfit to characterize moisture sorption kinetics in cellulosic materials
Source: Cellulose. 26(2): 723-735.
Author(s) Thybring, Emil E.; Boardman, Charles R.; Glass, Samuel V; Zelinka, Samuel L.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Toxicity potential of heartwood extractives from two mulberry species against Heterotermes indicola
Source: Maderas. Ciencia y tecnología. 21(2): 153-162.
Author(s) Hassan, Babar ; Ahmed, Sohail ; Mehmood, Nasir ; Mankowski, Mark , E. .; Misbah-ul-Haq, Muhammad
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Understanding wood bonds–going beyond what meets the eye: a critical review
Source: Reviews of Adhesion and Adhesives. 6(4): 369-440
Author(s) Hunt, Christopher G.; Frihart, Charles R.; Dunky, Manfred ; Rohumaa, Anti
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Wood property maps showing wood variability in mature longleaf pine: does getting old change juvenile tendencies?
Source: Wood and Fiber Science. 51(2): 193-208.
Author(s) Eberhardt, Thomas L.; So, Chi-Leung ; Leduc, Daniel J.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »