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Below for the requested publication type are the 12 publications that have been posted within the last 180 calendar days. You may re-sort the listing by: 

CategoryTotal Postings
Book Chapter1
Conference Proceedings12
FPL Reports (Historical)1
General Technical Reports4
Journal Articles66
Not Classified6
Research In Progress10
Research Notes12
Research Papers2
Technical Notes2
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Category: Conference Proceedings
Title: Decay protection based on moisture exclusion resulting from chemical modification of wood
Source: Conference proceedings
Author(s) Ibach, Rebecca
Year: 2000   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Demonstration smart timber bridge – glulam timber bridge on geo-synthetic reinforced soil (GRS) abutments
Source: In: Chen, G.; Alampalli, S. (eds.). Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure. Rolla, MO: Missouri University of Science and Technology.
Author(s) Hosteng, T.K. ; Wacker, J.P. ; Senalik, C.A. ; Wipf, T.J.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Drill bit friction and its effect on resistance drilling measurements in logs
Source: In: Wang, X.; Senalik, C. A.; Ross, R. J., eds. Proceedings, 20th International Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation of Wood Symposium. General Technical Report FPL-GTR-249. Madison, WI: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Forest Products Laboratory: 405-415.
Author(s) Sharapov, Evengii ; Wang, Xiping ; Smirnova, Elena
Year: 2017   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Glued-laminated timber arch bridge inspection using UAV
Source: Proceedings, ASCE Computing in Civil Engineering 2019: 336-342.
Author(s) Seo, Junwon ; Duque, Luis ; Wacker, James
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Limiting polysaccharide motion protects wood from decay
Source: Proceedings article
Author(s) Hunt, Christopher; Zelinka, Samuel; Jakes, Joseph
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Long-term field exposure of wood-plastic composites processed on a commercial-size extruder
Source: Ibach, Rebecca E.; Clemons, Craig M.; Stark, Nicole M. 2020. Long-term field exposure of wood-plastic composites processed on a commercial-size extruder. Proceedings, 51st annual meeting of the international research group on wood protection . June, 10-11, 2020. 11 p.
Author(s) Ibach, Rebecca E.; Clemons, Craig M.; Stark, Nicole M.
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Mass timber buckling-restrained brace for seismic regions
Source: In: 17th World Conference on Earthquake Engineering, 17WCEE; Sendai, Japan; September 13 to 18, 2020. 11 p.
Author(s) Pantelides, C.P. ; Murphy, C. ; Blomgren, H.E. ; Rammer, D.R.
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »

Title: New bridge inspection approach with joint UAV and DIC system
Source: In: Proceedings, Structures congress 2020, ASCE: 349-360.
Author(s) Jeong, Euiseok ; Seo, Junwon ; Wacker, James
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »

Title: New methods for pyrolysis and combustion properties of forest litter: enhanced cone calorimetry with longleaf pine needles
Source: Proceedings of the Fire Continuum Conference. 21-24 May 2018, Missoula, MT. Proc. RMRS-P-78. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 358 p.
Author(s) Dietenberger, Mark A.; Boardman, Charles R.; Weise, David R.
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »

Title: The life and work of Bruce Johnson at the Forest Products Laboratory and in the American Wood Protection Association
Source: In: Proceedings, 115th annual meeting of the American Wood Protection Association. Birmingham, AL: American Wood Protection Association: 100-104.
Author(s) Kirker, Grant ; Ibach, Rebecca E.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Thermal degradation modeling of live vegetation for fire dynamic simulator
Source: In: Proceedings, 2020 Spring Technical Meeting, Central States Section of the Combustion Institute: 1-20.
Author(s) Dietenberger, Mark A.; Boardman, Charles R.; Shotorban, Babak ; Mell, William ; Weise, David R.
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »

Title: Using metagenomics to quantify the bacterial diversity in field stakes treated with wood preservative
Source: In: Proceedings, 62nd International Convention of Society of Wood Science and Technology. 111-118.
Author(s) Narayanan, Lakshmi ; Tang, Juliet D.; Kirker, Grant ; Mohammadi-Araghi, Maryam K.; Stokes, C. Elizabeth.
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »