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The Wood Handbook's International Appeal

An impressive number of international downloads demonstrate the need for unbiased information about wood and its many uses across countries and cultures.

The Wood Handbook is consistently the most popular
 publication of the Forest Products Laboratory (FPL). In
  April 2010, the Centennial Edition of the Wood Handbook
    (FPL-GTR-190) was released to mark FPL's 100th
      anniversary as the Nation's premier forest products
       research laboratory.Since then, weekly downloads of
        all or part of the Wood Handbook from the FPL
         website have averaged about 2,290.

          Though an American audience dominates, with
           117,291 of the 203,842 total downloads as of early
            March 2012,international demand is also strong.
             Downloads to other countries have made up 42%
              of the total, or 86,551 downloads worldwide.

                "FPL has produced the Wood Handbook for
                many years. It is viewed, by folks around the
                world, as a the primary source of technical
                information on wood, and how to use wood
                and wood products effectively in a range of

                 Bob Ross, Supervisory Research Engineer

                The graph to the left demonstrates the
                international popularity of the Wood Handbook.
                Grouped by country or region, the wide range of
                demand becomes evident. People from about
                180 nations worldwide have downloaded all or
                part of this instructive manual.

               Downloads from Western Europe (14,696) and
              Canada (11,357), along with Malaysia and the
             Pacific Islands region (16,788) have been most
            common. Other nations of note not specifically
           shown here, however, include Brazil's 4,104
          downloads (contributing to South America's total of
         6,813) as well as Iran (1,882) and Turkey (1,363)
        contributing to the Middle East total of 5,009.
       Also, within the continent of Africa's total 3,569
      downloads, 1,266 came from South Africa alone.

      The Wood Handbook's international appeal
     demonstrates the need for unbiased information
    about wood and its many uses across countries and

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