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Madison, WI 53726-2398
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Thomas Guy Shelton

Durability and Wood Protection Research
Unit: FPL-4723
Supervisory Research Entomologist
201 Lincoln Green
Starkville, MS
United States

Phone: 662-338-3108

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Publication Year: 2021
Title: Testing continues on 2 termiticide candidates: The U.S. Forest Service releases its termiticide testing report for 2020.
Source: magazine/trade publication
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas; Fye, Donald; Bell, Craig; Mankowski, Mark , E. .; Tang, Juliet
Year: 2021   view abstract, download publication »
Publication Year: 2020
Title: Evaluation of a Soil Termiticide or Borate Non-Pressure Treatments for Protecting Douglas-Fir CLT in a Field Test: Two Years Results
Source: AWPA proceedings
Author(s) Mankowski, Mark , E. .; Shelton, Thomas; Kirker, Grant T.; Morrell, Jeffrey J.
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »
Title: Staying the course: The U.S. Forest Service provides its termiticide testing report for 2019.
Source: Magazine/trade publication
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas; Fye, Donald; Tang, Juliet; Mankowski, Mark , E. .
Year: 2020   view abstract, download publication »
Publication Year: 2019
Title: Hurricane Michael ravages Florida test site
Source: Pest Management Professional. 87(6), June 2019. 7 p.
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas ; Fye, Donald ; Tang, Juliet ; Mankowski, Mark , E. .
Year: 2019   view abstract, download publication »
Publication Year: 2018
Title: Ongoing field evaluation of Douglas-fir cross-laminated timber in a ground proximity protected test in Mississippi
Source: In: Proceedings, one hundred fourteenth annual meeting of the American wood protection association. Birmingham, AL: American Wood Protection Association: 132-137.
Author(s) Mankowski, Mark E., E. .; Shelton, Thomas G.; Kirker, Grant ; Morrell, Jeffrey J.
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »
Title: USDA FS report: 80 years of termiticide testing
Source: Pest Management Professional. May 2018. 70-76.
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas ; Fye, Donald ; Tang, Juliet ; Mankowski, Mark , E. .
Year: 2018   view abstract, download publication »
Publication Year: 2017
Title: USFS termiticide report: a new era for termiticide tests
Source: Pest Management Professional, May 2017. pp. 4.
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas; Fye, Donald; Tang, Juliet; Mankowski, Mark , E. .
Year: 2017   view abstract, download publication »
Publication Year: 2016
Title: Termiticide testing continues The USFS presents its annual termiticide report for 2015
Source: Pest Management Professional
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas; Fye, Donald; Mankowski, Mark ; Tang, Juliet
Year: 2016   view abstract, download publication »
Publication Year: 2015
Title: Command Performance The USFS presents its annual Termiticide Report for 2014
Source: Pest Management Professional March 2015; pp. 42-46.
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas; Fye, Donald; Tang, Juliet, D..; Mankowski, Mark, E. .
Year: 2015   view abstract, download publication »
Publication Year: 2014
Title: Is there a role for termite alates in colony expansion in Wisconsin?
Source: The International Research Group on Wood Protection, section 1, Biology, IRG/WP 14-10820, 2014; pp. 2-10.
Author(s) Green III, Frederick; Arango, Rachel A.; Esenther, Glenn R.; Shelton, Thomas G.
Year: 2014   view abstract, download publication »
Title: Subterranean termite control examinations on current and former experimental forests and ranges
Source: USDA Forest Service Experimental Forests and Ranges, Springer
Author(s) Shelton, T. G.; Wagner, T. L.; Peterson, C. J; Mulrooney, J. E.
Year: 2014   view abstract, download publication »
Title: USDA - Forest Service Termiticide Report for 2013
Source: Pest Management Professional 82(3):42-52
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas; Fye, Donald; Ulyshen, Michael
Year: 2014   view abstract, download publication »
Publication Year: 2013
Title: The influence of fipronil on Reticulitermes flavipes (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) feeding beyond treated plots
Source: Journal of Economic Entomology 106(5): 2160-2166
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas
Year: 2013   view abstract, download publication »
Publication Year: 2012
Title: Assessment of donor/recipient ratios in permethrin transfer studies with Reticulitermes virginicus Banks
Source: J. Entomol. Sci. 472(2):139-149
Author(s) Shelton, T. G.
Year: 2012   view abstract, download publication »
Title: CO2 release in Groups of Reticulitermes virginicus (Isoptera:Rhinotermitidae)
Source: J. Entomol. Sci. 47(3):264-271
Author(s) Wagner, Terence L.; Shelton, Thomas G.; Villavaso, Eric J.
Year: 2012   view abstract, download publication »
Title: Evidence of cue synergism in termite corpse response behavior
Source: Naturwissenschaften The Science of Nature 99(2):89-93
Author(s) Ulyshen, Michael D.; Shelton, Thomas G.
Year: 2012   view abstract, download publication »
Title: Few candidate termiticides are left in the pipeline, according to the 2011 USDA-FS termiticide report
Source: Pest Management Professional 28-35
Author(s) Wagner, Terry; Shelton, Thomas; Peterson, Chris
Year: 2012   view abstract, download publication »
Publication Year: 2011
Title: Effects of monitor examination intervals on resource affinity by Reticulitermes spp. (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)
Source: J. Entomol. Sci 46(2):102-111
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas; Wagner, Terence; Gerard, Patrick
Year: 2011   view abstract, download publication »
Title: Response of subterranean termites (Isoptera:Rhinotermitidae) to stressed nestmates
Source: J. Entomol. Sci. 46(4):284-291
Author(s) Shelton, T.G.; Grace, J.K.; Woodrow, R.J.; Oshiro, R.J.
Year: 2011   view abstract, download publication »
Publication Year: 2010
Title: Colony differences in termiticide transfer studies, a role for behavior?
Source: American Chemical Society, Chapter 6, pp 75-86
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas
Year: 2010   view abstract, download publication »
Publication Year: 2009
Title: Partial disturbance of resources foraged by Reticulitermes flavipes
Source: Sociobiology Vol. 54, No. 3.
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas G.; Gerard, Patrick D.; Wagner, Terence L.
Year: 2009   view abstract, download publication »
Title: Partial disturbance of resources foraged by Reticulitermes flavipes.
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas; Patrick, Gerard; Wagner, Terence
Year: 2009   view abstract, download publication »
Title: USDA-FS Termiticide report termiticide efficacy results for 2008
Source: Pest Management Professional February 2009
Author(s) Wagner, Terry; Mulrooney, Joe; Shelton, Thomas; Peterson, Chris
Year: 2009   view abstract, download publication »
Publication Year: 2008
Title: Effects of Disturbance-induced trauma on foraging by subterranean termites (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)
Source: Sociobiology 52(1):107-118
Author(s) Woodrow, R. J.; Shelton, T. G.; Oshiro, R. J.; Grace, J. K., III.; Wagner, T. L.
Year: 2008   view abstract, download publication »
Title: Ninety years of USDA publications reveal changes in termite management
Source: Pest Management Professional. February 6p.
Author(s) Peterson, Chris; Wagner, Terence L.; Shelton, Thomas G.; Mulrooney, Joseph E.
Year: 2008   view abstract, download publication »
Publication Year: 2007
Title: Influence of a mineral insecticide particle size on bait efficacy against Reticulitermes flavipes (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)
Source: Sociobiology, Vol. 50(2): 521-533
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas g.; Cartier, Laurent; Wagner, Terence L.; Becker, Christian
Year: 2007   view abstract, download publication »
Publication Year: 2006
Title: Flight speed of tethered Reticulitermes flavipes (Kollar) (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) alates
Source: Journal of Insect Behavior, Vol. 19(1): 115-128
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas G.; Ping Hu, X.; Appel, Arthur G.; Wagner, Terence L.
Year: 2006   view abstract, download publication »
Title: Subterranean termites - their prevention and control in buildings
Source: Home and Garden Bulletin 64, 38 p.
Author(s) Peterson, Chris; Wagner, Terence L.; Mulrooney, Joseph E.; Shelton, Thomas G.
Year: 2006   view abstract, download publication »
Title: Termiticide testing in full swing USDA-FS's Mississippi site hit hard by hurricane katrina
Source: Pest Control, Vol. 55: 55-65
Author(s) Wagner, Terry; Mulrooney, Joe; Shelton, Thomas
Year: 2006   view abstract, download publication »
Title: Transfer of chlorfenapyr among workers of Reticulitermes flavipes (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae) in the laboratory
Source: J. Econ. Entomol., Vol.99(3): 886-892
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas G.; Mulroonery, Joseph E.; Wagner, Terence L.
Year: 2006   view abstract, download publication »
Publication Year: 2005
Title: 2004 termiticide report: The Forest Service continues to improve operations to meet the high demand for testing
Source: Pest Control, February, 43-50
Author(s) Wagner, Terry; Peterson, Chris; Mulrooney, Joe; Shelton, Thomas
Year: 2005   view abstract, download publication »
Title: Brief overview of subterranean termite issues in the southern U.S.
Source: In: One Hundred First annual Meeting of the American Wood-Preservers' Association, Vol 101: 1-5
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas G.; Wagner, Terence L.
Year: 2005   view abstract, download publication »
Title: Lack of transfer of permethrin among nestmates of Reticulitermes flavipes in laboratory trials (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)
Source: Sociobiology Vol. 45, No. 1, 2005
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas G.; Bell, Craig D.; Wagner, Terence L.
Year: 2005   view abstract, download publication »
Publication Year: 2003
Title: Cuticular permeability of two species of Coptotermes Wasmann (Isoptera: Rhinotermitidae)
Source: Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A 134: 205-211
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas G.; Grace, J. Kenneth
Year: 2003   view abstract, download publication »
Title: Effects of exposure duration on transfer of nonrepellent termiticides among workers of coptotermes formosanus shiraki (Isotera: Rhinotermitidae)
Source: J. Econ. Entomol. 96(2) 456-460
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas G.; Grace, J. Kenneth
Year: 2003   view abstract, download publication »
Title: Monthly fluctuation of termite caste proportions (Isoptera) within fire ant mounds (hymenoptera: formicidae)
Source: Sociobiology Vol. 41(3): 571-581
Author(s) Shelton, Thomas G.; Vogt, J.T.; Tanley, Marla J.; Appel, Arthur G.
Year: 2003   view abstract, download publication »
Publication Year: 2019
Untreated CLT samples exposed in a modified ground proximity test after approximately 6 months exposure. Pictured shelter tubes are of the subterranean termite, Reticulitermes spp. USDA Forest Service
Highlight ID: 1332
Going Big with Mass Timber Protection

Researchers are leading efforts to better understand mass timber as a next generation building material and provide safe effective protection strategies to ensure public safety and responsible forest stewardship. ...

Publication Year: 2015
Completed efficacy trial plots on the Chipola Experimental Forest. USDA Forest Service
Highlight ID: 603
USFS Termiticide Report for 2014

The most recent efficacy data for termiticides currently on the market were reported as part of the USDA Forest Service Termiticide Testing Program. This report allows consumers and applicators nationwide to examine the relative performance of these ...