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Nanocellulose Pilot Plant Grand Opening: "A Game-Changer." - Industry leaders, scientists, and political leaders discuss massive potential of wood-derived nanotechnology for rural jobs, wildfire prevention, and national defense. The 07/16/2012 news release covering this event can be viewed here.

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John Stofflet (News Anchor):

Rachael, thank you. The name may not ring a bell and the science may not make sense to all of us, but a new Madison Forest Products facility, could be a game changer that affects each and every one of our lives.

A nanocellulose pilot plant could help fatten all of our wallets and people are here from around the country checking it out. NBC 15 Cris Wooder reports.

Cris Woodard (Anchor/Reporter):

Massive Forest Fires.
High employment.
And gas prices that force many to pinch pennies.
They're problems.
They don't have a ton in common, but what if I told you a modest new plant here in Madison (clapping) could make a big impact on all three.

Harris Sherman (Under Secretary of Agriculture for Natural Resources and the Environment):

Potentially a game changer.

Cris Woodard (Anchor/Reporter):

Today's the ribbon cutting at the Forest Products Laboratory's Nanocellulose Pilot Plant.
The work they are doing here

Alan Rudie (FPL Project Leader):

This is about one percent

Cris Woodard (Anchor/Reporter):

Could lead to wood derived materials stronger than kevlar, yet light weight.
This is what we are talking about here, a material in this vial that is basically a clear liquid, but its wood.

And this is a substance that is going to change the industry, and could change things for all of us.

It could mean a shift from petroleum based products to wood based, and that could bring down energy prices.

Beth Cormer (Agenda 2020):

A domino effect across many industries, not just forest products.

Cris Woodard (Anchor/Reporter):

Estimates are in seven years so many more products will be made from wood, the forest industry will explode, and that means jobs.

Michael Rains (Forest Products Laboratory):

We'll probably have close to six hundred billion dollars in new investments which can be multiple multiple hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

Cris Woodard (Anchor/Reporter):

A jump start for Wisconsin.

Michael Rains (Forest Products Laboratory):

The whole culture of Wisconsin is forest based.

Cris Woodard (Anchor/Reporter):

Industry leaders also point to a terrible fire season.

Michael Rains (Forest Products Laboratory):

Peoples lives are being destroyed, homes are being destroyed.

Cris Woodard (Anchor/Reporter):

And says that using more wood, which nanocellulose products would require, would help.

Michael Rains (Forest Products Laboratory):

Its fundamentally revolutionary.

Cris Woodard (Anchor/Reporter):

Its a lot of promise for an industry, being pushed forward by a new plant in Madison.
I'm am Cris Woodard for NBC15.

John Stofflet (News Anchor):

Fascinating stuff, and its being done right here, and one person in the industry broke things down today by explaining it as a lot of products that the every day American touches could get better, cheaper and renewable.


Video from WMTV - NBC15's web site in Madison, Wisconsin

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