Brashaw Takes the Helm of Forest Products Marketing Unit

The Forest Products Laboratory (FPL) welcomes Brian Brashaw to the position of Program Manager for the Forest Products Marketing Unit (FPMU). He took the helm in early May.

Brashaw comes to the Forest Service from the University of Minnesota Duluth’s Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI), where he served as Program Manager. In that role, he led a highly successful technology development and transfer group that helped a wide range of wood products businesses in the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Through the NRRI, Brashaw has had a long, productive relationship with the Forest Products Laboratory in the areas of nondestructive evaluation of wood materials, utilization of urban wood waste, and timber bridges. Brashaw has a BS in Forest Management from UW-Stevens Point, a MS in Materials Science from Washington State University, and a PhD in Forest Resources from Mississippi State University. His educational and career path were established living in Wisconsin’s Nicolet National Forest as a youth with goals in forestry and forest products.

“Under Brian’s leadership, the FPMU will help ensure healthy, sustainable forests that are more resilient to disturbances by creating high-value, high-volume markets from woody biomass,” said Michael T. Rains, Director of the Forest Products Laboratory and Northern Research Station.

Since 1996, the FPMU has maintained a strong partnership with State and Private Forestry and other mission areas of the Forest Service. With its emphasis on technology transfer, the FPMU helps accelerate forest restoration, improve economic conditions, expand wood utilization and marketing opportunities, improve economic conditions, and create new jobs.

Forest biomass cleanup

Forest biomass cleanup

“It has been a dream of mine, growing up in the north woods of Wisconsin, to have the opportunity to work with the U.S. Forest Service.  It is an honor to be a part of this great organization,” said Brashaw.

FPL is excited to have such a qualified and enthusiastic leader on board.


From Research to the Real World: Technologies Available for Licensing

Research at the Forest Products Laboratory includes developing products and processes that impact people’s daily lives. But to bridge the gap between research results and real-world use, these technologies must be made available to private companies through technology transfer efforts.

The Ring Profiler is a patented invention that provides a more accurate look at how trees grow. It is available for licensing.

The Ring Profiler is a patented invention that provides a more accurate look at how trees grow. It is available for licensing.

Patenting technologies is one way to encourage the commercial adoption of advances made at the Lab.

Patenting an invention excludes others from making, using, or selling the invention for a number of years. Securing a patent then enables FPL to grant patent licenses to private companies for use in commercial markets.

Technologies invented by FPL and other Forest Service scientists are available for licensing and/or cooperative research opportunities in the following areas:

– Adhesives
– Biotechnology
– Field-ready Instrumentation Devices
– Firefighting Equipment
– Forest Insect Technologies
– Forest Products Utilization
– Fungal Remediation of Preservative Treated Wood
– Nanotechnology
– Non-destructive Evaluation
– Pulp and Paper
– Wood Connectors
– Wood Preservation

For a complete list of available patents, visit FPL’s Patents and Licensing webpage.