Throwback Thursday : Pine Posts Preserved Despite Surrounding Soil

An aerial view of FPL from the 1970s with its signature light posts clearly visible.

Recently, the Forest Products Laboratory (FPL) said goodbye to several hard-working members of a team that has posted silent guard over the parking lots since the late 1960s.


A light post awaits removal and replacement in front of FPL.

The distinctively curved, brown, wood-laminated, light posts were unceremoniously removed from FPL’s parking lots amid fears of waning structural integrity. For nearly five decades, these lights have greeted employees and visitors, but have lost the battle of time to the relentless forces of wind, water, and heat — at least above ground.

Though flaking paint and rusting metal fasteners may be what these sentinels are remembered for, below ground, they remained remarkably well preserved.

They will soon be replaced with newer, safer, metal counterparts — and although they no longer stand at FPL, they will forever stand as examples of the incredible durability and longevity of wood products.

Beneath the ground, the light posts remained in remarkable condition.