FPL Scientist Hongmei Gu Earns Research Award

Research Scientist Hongmei Gu receives the L.J. Markwardt Wood Engineering Award from Justin Price, President of the Forest Products Society.

Research Scientist Hongmei Gu has recently been named as the winner of the L.J. Markwardt Award for 2022.

At the awards luncheon on June 15 of this year’s 75th Annual Forest Products Society International Conference, Hongmei received a beautiful plaque and an award check for $1,000.

“This is a total surprise to me!” said Hongmei in her acceptance speech. “I didn’t even know about the award until I heard I’d gotten it. I really, really appreciate this.”

The L.J. Markwardt Wood Engineering Award is intended to encourage research and promote knowledge of wood in the engineering field as a means of enhancing the efficient use of wood. This Award was established in 1969 by L.J. Markwardt, a Charter member of the Forest Products Society, who was for many years an Assistant Director at the USDA Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin, in charge of Wood Engineering Research. 

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FPL Scientist Reflects on 20 Years with the Lab

Charles Frihart – or Chuck, as he prefers to be called – has just retired after 20 years with the Forest Products Laboratory. Before that, he worked in industry even longer. The total experience has left him with a unique perspective.

Charles Frihart at work in the Forest Products Laboratory

“Before FPL, I spent most of my time in New Jersey,” Chuck reminisced. Even though he lived and worked there for most of his career, Chuck says that he and his family always said we were temporary residents of New Jersey, “because we always considered Wisconsin home.”

Chuck started out working for a pulp and paper company. He then joined Henkel, which is the world’s largest adhesive company.

Chuck says he was happy to have the opportunity to return to Wisconsin in 2001 to work at FPL. His job was to modernize the wood adhesive group through his knowledge of adhesives in non-wood fields.

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