Holiday Trees: Go Real, but Water them Well!

Being the tree lovers that we are here at the Forest Products Laboratory (FPL), of course we’re going to recommend real trees for the holiday season.

TREEThe benefits are numerous. While they’re growing, real trees clean the air and provide us with fresh oxygen to breathe. Most Christmas trees are grown on farms (often on soil that doesn’t support other crops), so buying a real tree supports local farm families who plant new seedlings for every tree harvested. And when the new year rolls around, your real tree can be recycled for a new purpose — perhaps as mulch, or something more exciting, like being submerged in a lake to create a fish habitat!

Yet even as we encourage the use of real trees this holiday season, we must remind you to be safe! Christmas tree fires are rare, and well-watered trees pose very little risk. But when real trees are neglected and dry out, they can be consumed by fire in a matter of seconds if a flame or electrical spark gets too close!

Watch this video from the National Instituted of Science and Technology for Christmas tree safety tips and a sobering look at how quickly your holiday could go up in flames.