The Wood Handbook Your Go-To Wood-Use Guide

From engineers to architects to homeowners, those seeking sound, research-based information on using wood need look no further than FPL’s Wood Handbook: Wood as an Engineering Material.WH_Cover

Covering a wide range of topics (including anatomy, physical and mechanical properties, composites, lumber, panel products, design, fastenings, drying, gluing, fire resistance, finishing, decay, and more), the Wood Handbook is consistently the most popular publication of the Forest Products Laboratory.

According to FPL research engineer Bob Ross, the Wood Handbook is “considered a primary source of technical information on wood around the world.” In fact, more than 40% of downloads of the Wood Handbook are from users outside the United States, demonstrating the publication’s international appeal and the need for unbiased information about wood and its many uses across countries and cultures.

First published in 1935, the seventh edition of the Wood Handbook was released in April 2010 in conjunction with FPL’s 100th anniversary. It is available in full text at no charge on our website.


Previous editions of the Wood Handbook