Heating the Midwest with Renewable Biomass 2nd Annual Conference and Expo

HMWlogoHeating the Midwest with Renewable Biomass is hosting their 2nd Annual Conference and Expo April 25-26, 2013 in Carlton, Minn. Highlights of the conference include pre-conference tours of biomass heating facilities (April 24), keynote presentations of biomass vision, breakout sessions, and project presentations.

This conference will build on momentum from the 2012 Conference and Expo established by over 175 individuals and 100 different organizations working towards more affordable and efficient renewable biomass innovation.

Heating the Midwest is a group of volunteers with a serious interest in growing awareness and usage of biomass thermal fuel for heat in the Midwest. Their mission is “To advance biomass thermal heating in the Midwest for a more sustainable future, while improving the economic, environmental and social well-being of the region.”

Driven and directed by an interdisciplinary steering committee, Heating the Midwest includes industry, government, non-profit organizations, university representatives and tribal representatives. It is an efficient group of biomass advocates working to promote biomass to a larger constituency across the Midwest, including policymakers, nonprofits, consumers, and private businesses.