Forestry Leaders to Talk Landscape Scale Conservation


Typical terrain of The Driftless Area as viewed from Wildcat Mountain State Park in Vernon County, Wisconsin.

Top leaders in forestry will be visiting FPL and the iconic “Driftless Area” of southwest Wisconsin April 17-18, 2013.

Jim Hubbard, Forest Service Deputy Chief of State and Private Forestry; Paul DeLong, Wisconsin State Forester; and Tom Martin, CEO and President of the American Forest Foundation are gathering to discuss landscape scale conservation.

According to Michael T. Rains, FPL Acting Director,  the challenges of the Driftless Area in terms of landscape scale conservation are to encourage and support private forest owners in activities that maintain forest cover and provide an economic return for the landowner, while building functioning landscapes that support clean water, clean air, and other public benefits.

Rains will join the group to discuss how research at FPL can be effectively linked to the goals and objectives of conserving this important landscape.

(Photo credit: Dandog77,