A Lesson in Nanocellulose: Video Lecture Available Online

Robert Moon, a materials research engineer at the Forest Products Laboratory (FPL) recently presented an hour-long lecture at Georgia Tech University titled Cellulose Nanomaterials: Plant-based Nanoparticles Growing a Sustainable Future. The lecture was recorded and is freely available for public viewing from the Georgia Tech library.

robert moon

Robert Moon, FPL research materials engineer

Moon’s presentation gives viewers a thorough overview of cellulose nanomaterials, including sources, properties, and applications. According to the video’s abstract, applications include but are not limited to “reinforcing fillers for polymers, cements, fibers, transparent films, flexible transparent displays, biomedical implants, drug delivery, barrier films, separation membranes, batteries, supercapacitors, sensors, etc.”

Pull up a chair, grab a snack, and prepare to be amazed by the huge possibilities this tiny particle presents.