FPL Welcomes Deputy Chief Weldon as Leaders Converge in Madison

Last week, The “Destination of Innovation” had a welcomed visit from Leslie Weldon, Forest Service Deputy Chief for the National Forest System.

FPL engineer Robert Ross briefs Deputy Chief Weldon on the air cannon test.

FPL engineer Robert Ross briefs Deputy Chief Weldon on the air cannon test.

Deputy Chief Weldon spent part of the week participating in a Forest Service joint leadership team meeting comprised of representatives from the Forest Products Laboratory (FPL), the Northern Research Station, Region 9, and the Northeastern Area. The Forest Service’s Middle Leader Program was also on site for the week and was fortunate to have Weldon meet with their group. Her perspective as a member of the Forest Service Leadership Team and her willingness to share her experiences went a long way to making the big week a tremendous success.

“By almost all standards, I believe this was one of the most successful leadership meetings I have attended,” said Michael T. Rains, Director of the Forest Products Laboratory and Northern Research Station. “The voice of “one Forest Service” is beginning to get quite loud and it sure sounds good to me.”

Weldon and the Middle Leader participants were able to break away from their meetings and see FPL research first-hand. The group was lucky enough to see one of FPL’s most impressive tests … a shot from our air cannon. It’s not every day one sees a 2×4 piece of lumber flying at 100 mph toward a test wall!

This was the third straight year FPL played host to the leaders from the three mission areas, as well as the up-and-comers in the highly successful middle leader program.

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