Beyond the Board Artists Get Creative with FPL-Developed Product

A San Francisco art exhibition titled “By-Product Becomes Product” is the latest installment in a series of projects stemming from an unlikely partnership between art and science.

Barbara Holmes, "feed/rest/nest" 2013 (Photo Credit: Scott Chernis)

Barbara Holmes, “feed/rest/nest” 2013 (Photo Credit: Scott Chernis)

California-based artist and designer Christine Lee and Forest Products Laboratory engineer John Hunt have worked together since 2010, when Lee was an artist-in-residence at the University of Wisconsin. Hunt’s research focuses on developing composite materials, and Lee was interested in turning waste materials into new products without the use of toxic additives.

Their collaboration resulted in the development of a composite board made from sawdust and recycled paper that contains no adhesives and is fully recyclable and biodegradable. To see how the material performed for artists who use wood in their work, Lee recruited five artists to create pieces using the product she and Hunt developed.

Christine Lee, "Interwoven" (Photo by Scott Chernis)

Christine Lee, “Interwoven” (Photo by Scott Chernis)

The resulting art is on display at Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco through March 30, 2013. Visit the California College of the Arts website for a photo gallery of the projects and to learn more about the participating artists and the inspiration behind their works.

Learn more about the collaborative work of Lee and Hunt in this Lab Notes post.