FPL’s Fire Safety Team Recognized: FPL's Length of Service Ceremony Remembers this Special Recognition

Following up on yesterday’s post about fire safety, Lab Notes is pleased to announce a special recognition award mentioned at FPL’s length of service award ceremony today.

FPL’s Fire Safety team in FPL’s Durability and Wood Protection Research unit was recognized by the Greater Madison Federal Agency Association (GMFAA) for building effective relationships in and out of the Forest Service. Team members include Robert White (deceased), Mark Dietenberger, Laura Hasburgh, Keith Bourne, and Charles Boardman. The team endured losses over the past few years: reductions in staff and research funding, disruption to research from decommissioned facilities, and most importantly, the recent, sudden loss of their group’s leader, Robert White.


Dr. Robert White died peacefully on March 19, 2014, while at work.

Through all this adversity, the team has been productive, including contributing to codes and standards and software programs that predict residential fire damage. Many thanks to this team of researchers who work hard to keep the public safer.