Guide to Cross-Laminated Timber Use Expands Wood Construction Options

As interest in sustainable building continues to grow, wood construction is going beyond its traditional roots in housing and expanding into mid-rise, high-rise, and non-residential applications. To support this trend, a new guide for the early adoption of cross-laminated timber (CLT), an innovative engineered wood product, is now available.


Prototype of a mechanically fastened CLT wall section.

Developed for building professionals, the U.S. CLT Handbook provides technical information for the design, construction, and implementation of CLT systems and illustrates CLT applications adapted to current codes and standards.

Five researchers from the Forest Products Laboratory co-authored six chapters in the multi-disciplinary, peer-reviewed handbook. Contributions in their areas of expertise include:
• Dave Kretschmann, manufacturing and standardization;
• Ted Bilek, economics and assessment of market opportunities;
• Doug Rammer, structural design, including seismic performance and connection design;
• Robert White, fire performance; and
• Sam Glass, heat, air, and moisture control in enclosures.

The U.S. CLT Handbook is available as a free download or in print for a nominal cost.