The Wood Handbook’s Enduring International Appeal

The Wood Handbook – Wood as an Engineering Material is the Forest Products Laboratory’s most popular publication. From Anchorage to Key West, thousands of Americans download all or part of the Wood Handbook every month. Just as impressive is the international scope of interest in this instructive tome.


The Wood Handbook – A global wood resource.

The graphic here demonstrates the Wood Handbook’s enduring international appeal. For a full size version visit the FPL Flickr page. The island nation of Malyasia provides a strong audience as do the wood enthusiasts of western Europe, northern Asia, and the Middle East. Canada and Scandinavian countries, well known for vibrant timber industries, and South America also show strong interest in wood as an engineering material.

Citizens from about 180 nations worldwide have downloaded all or part of the Wood Handbook over the past 4.5 years for a total of 713,006 downloads. A Centennial Edition was published in 2010 with a popular new introductory chapter: Wood as a Sustainable Building Material.