All Hands on Deck to Lessen Wildland Fire Damage

Because wildland fires pose a significant societal threat, itĀ is important to understand how to mitigateĀ their damage. Lives and structures are at risk, particularly in the wildland-urban interface (WUI), where homes are constructed near or among areas prone to these fires.

Testing decking materials in FPL's Fire Test Lab.

Testing decking materials in FPL’s Fire Test Lab.

The Forest Products Laboratory’s Mark Dietenberger, a research general engineer, and Laura Hasburgh, a fire protection engineer, are studying a common scenario that results in property loss due to these fires in the WUI: ignition of attached wood decks.

A recently posted Research in Progress summary titled Fire Performance of Exterior Wood Decks in Wildland-Urban Interface explains how FPL and the American Wood Council (AWC) are working together to provide mitigation strategies that will reduce wildfire threats to structures and therefore preserve the marketability of wood decks.

The objectives of the research are threefold:

  • provide the AWC with a technical assessment of the fire performance of decking when subjected to relevant fire exposure
  • assess the related fire test methodologies using state-of-the-art flammability facilities
  • identify options for policy decisions pertaining to prescriptive regulations

This project began in January 2014 and will continue for three years, with an annual report compiled each July.