Timber Markets by the Numbers

ByTheNumbersWe just love, love, love the numbers here at FPL. None more than the men and women of the Economics, Statistics, and Life Cycle Analysis Research group.

Publicly available data sets cover U.S. timber production, trade, consumption, and price statistics, 1965 to 2011; and industrial wood productivity in the United States, 1900-1998.

U.S. Timber Production, Trade, Consumption and Price Statistics 1965-2011 (FPL-RP-676) was produced by James Howard and Rebecca Westby and published in 2013. Individual data sets for this publication include general economic trends and specific details on roundwood, logs, pulpwood, paperboard, particleboard, wood pulp production, wood energy use, and more. It’s precursor, U.S. Timber Production, Trade, Consumption, and Price Statistics 1965 to 2005 (FPL-RP-637) was produced by James Howard and published in 2007.

Industrial Wood Productivity in the United States, 1900-1998 (FPL-RN-0271), was authored by Peter Ince and published in 2000.