Aldo Leopold Archives Digitized

Aldo Leopold was Assistant Director at FPL from 1924 to 1928.

Aldo Leopold was Assistant Director at FPL from 1924 to 1928. He championed a philosophy of “wise use” as “the best form of conservation.”

Large portions of the Aldo Leopold Archives are now available within the University of Wisconsin Digital Collections. Digitized documents and other materials track Leopold’s rise to prominence as a naturalist, forester, writer, and environmental thinker. The history of conservation and emergence of ecology as a field of scientific study are intimately woven into Leopold’s life, from the early 1900s until his death in 1948.

Detailed diaries and journals of his Forest Service activity, travels, hunting and field experiences, and observations at his farm near Baraboo, Wis., are included. Many family photographs and photographs taken by Leopold to illustrate aspects of wildlife ecology and land management make this a particularly personal collection.

The Carson Pine Cone, for example, was a “monthly mimeographed bulletin intended for Forest Service use only and designed to unite and inform the members of the Carson National Forest staff.” Leopold joined the staff at Carson as Deputy Forest Supervisor in June 1911. He later became Forest Supervisor and was central to starting and editing this paper. Editorials, poems, news items, and personal notes all found their way into the Pine Cone.

These archives are publicly available and free of charge for viewing. The Aldo Leopold Foundation retains the rights for all material, however, and reuse requires written permission.