Nanotechnology collaboration featured at USDA Outlook Forum

2014_Ag_OutlookOn February 20, USDA will host a nanotechnology session at its Agricultural Outlook Forum focusing on the implications of nano in agriculture and forestry. As featured in the USDA Blog, key speakers from government, industry, and academia will take part in the Nanotechnology in the Future of Agriculture and Forestry session.

In this session, Sean Ireland of Verso Paper Corporation will highlight Verso’s collaboration with the U.S. Forest Service Forest Products Laboratory.  Verso and other collaborators are working with FPL research scientists in the Nanocellulose Pilot Plant to develop nanomaterials derived from forestry products.

USDA is one of 26 Federal departments or agencies participating in the National Nanotechnology Initiative, a federal research and development program originally proposed by President Clinton in 2000 and supported by Presidents Bush and Obama.