FPL Scientist Recognized by Forests Magazine

Research Forest Products Technologist Xiping Wang has recently been announced by Forests Magazine as a winner of the Best Cover Awards for his collaboration on the cover article “Non-Destructive Evaluation Techniques and What They Tell Us about Wood Property Variation.”

“A few years ago, Laurence Schimleck, the senior author of this article, and I met at a professional conference and discussed the possibility of writing a comprehensive review paper on a range of nondestructive testing technologies for wood quality assessment, especially on standing trees in forests,” Xiping explained. “My expertise is primarily in developing acoustic wave-based technologies for wood quality evaluation. In this article, I contributed two sections: Acoustics and Pilodyn, as well as some contents in discussions and tables.”

Xiping was also the photographer for the photo chosen by Forests for its cover.

Xiping Wang’s cover photograph for Forests

“The research and development of nondestructive evaluation technologies for assessing the wood quality of standing trees is still ongoing,” added Xiping. “Recent technological advances have brought the operational assessment of wood and fiber properties of standing trees into resource evaluation, harvesting operation, forest management, and tree genetic improvement” said Xiping, who recently wrote an editorial for Forests based on the award-winning cover article, which reflected in greater depth on recent advances in non-destructive wood assessments of standing trees.

“Significant values are associated with wood and fiber quality in the wood supply chain for production of structural lumber, engineered wood products – such as glulam, LVL and CLT – and pulping and paper. Rapid and nondestructive measurements on trees allow these values to be captured through better decision-making, allocation of resources to highest-value users, and the application of best processing methods.”

With regard to acoustic technology, “the concept of using acoustic wave velocity as a measure of wood quality has been widely recognized in both wood manufacturing and forestry sectors,” said Xiping. “Globally, acoustic technology is increasingly being used in forest and wood-processing operations, especially where end-product value is directly associated with wood properties, such as stiffness.”

After completing his Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and his Master’s in Forestry Engineering at Beijing Forestry University, Xiping earned his Ph.D. in Wood Science at Michigan Technological University. His research specializations include nondestructive evaluation and structural condition assessment.

Xiping Wang
Xiping Wang, FPL forest products technologist