Throwback Thursday: FPL’s 1920 Bowling Team

For a blog on wood research, Lab Notes features a surprising amount of posts about sports.

Our researchers’ work has touched the world of basketball because of the floors, baseball because of the bats, and bowling because of the pins (and maybe also because we’re located in Wisconsin, home to more bowling alleys than any other state in the nation).

It’s bowling that gets a mention again today, after librarian Julie Blankenburg found a few gems in the historic records of the FPL library, photos of a team from 1920 and a bowling banquet.

FPL bowling team, 1920

Lab Notes previously featured FPL’s bowling teams when a Forest Products Club Bowling Champions trophy was unearthed. But until now we hadn’t included any pictures of the teams. It may seem surprising the team members are all women, but in the 1920’s, women’s bowling was much more popular than men’s bowling. And it looks like the women of FPL really knew how to celebrate the strikes!

FPL bowling banquet