Long-Time FPL Technology Research Partner Gets a New Name

The Forest Products Laboratory (FPL) has been proud to partner with Agenda 2020 for many years in pursuing efficiency and sustainability in pulp and paper manufacture and new revenues from forest-based biomaterials.  On November 6, 2017, Agenda 2020 became APPTI—The Alliance for Pulp and Paper Technology Innovation.

Fritz Paulsen of KapStone Paper, who chairs the Alliance’s board of directors, commented on the announcement. “This is the right time to emphasize that we are an evolving organization,” said Paulsen. “Our Alliance is developing rapidly now. We are focusing on implementing our vision and, as we’ve been saying, we’re moving from roadmaps to road-trips.”

“Our new name and logo preserve the central message of our earlier identity while expressing the forward progress of our current work,” said APPTI Executive Director David Turpin. “What our constituents have valued most has been the collaboration, the focus in our industry on advancing core technology, and the pursuit of breakthrough innovation to increase efficiency and sustainability. Our new logo captures those points.”

We congratulate our partner and we will continue our collaboration in this important work.

Learn more at https://www.appti.org/