Big News Out of FPL! You Woodn't Want to Miss it

With the lazy, hazy days of summer upon us, why not take a load off, grab a cool drink, and ease into the latest edition of Newsline?

Where else are you going to read about a rural Northern California town that is “interested in being a little bit more of a part of the future than of the past…?” Is Yreka on the cusp of a Eureka! moment?


And this:

  • The roots of FPL’s research are seemingly found everywhere — including a grocery store…
  • Anything you can imagine can be used as evidence when investigating a crime scene — including wood… Don’t believe it? Take a guilt-free look at FPL’s focus on Forensic Botany.
  • FPL’s worldwide and royal reach extended to an exhibit at Fort Royal Gardens, Bristol, U.K.
  • Sometimes when the axe comes down, it can be a very good thing, indeed.
  • One FPL researcher found some time to horse around, woodn’t you know…
  • All the above stories and a lot more…

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So dive in and enjoy this edition of Newsline, and have a safe and happy summer.

-The FPL Communications  and Science Delivery Team