Throwback Thursday: Competition Right Up FPL's Alley

Buried treasures are unearthed periodically around the Forest Products Laboratory (FPL). It’s bound to happen when you’ve been around for 105 years! Here’s the latest:


Apparently, FPL employees not only studied bowling pins in the Lab, they also took to the lanes on teams that were divided by areas of research. This trophy lists the Forest Products Club Bowling Champions from 1921-1928.

Here are the results listed as year, team, score:

1921 – Propellers, 643
1922 – Box Laboratory, 678
1923 – Operation, 631
1924 – Pulp & Paper, 608
1925 – Operation, 587
1926 – Timber Mechanics, 613
1927 – Timber Mechanics, 693
1928 – Timber Physics, 780

Turns out the Timber Physics group bested the rest by a mile, but doesn’t it seem like they would have had a professional upper-hand over, say, the pulp and paper team?